Wedding website for brides and grooms. More and more brides and grooms publish your wedding on the Internet. In recent months, Xcel Energy has been very successful. Let others partake of the own happiness. A gorgeous wedding! But everything goes by so fast. What remains? The memory of one of the most beautiful days in life.

Pictures, maybe a movie. But see how the guests, the loved ones, relatives and acquaintances who have come to celebrate the wedding with, perhaps from far away or maybe at the wedding, or on the eve of this could be the beautiful pictures. Quite simply, with the own wedding Web site! MeGes professionally created the very personal wedding website. The design is fully tailored to the bride and groom. Not like in most other providers, pre-built design templates. MeGes takes over building the wedding site of the preparation up to the end of the wedding. Brides and grooms can post a wish list of gifts before the wedding, document the wedding preparations, etc.

With image galleries, starting with the images of civil, to the pictures of the church wedding and the subsequent wedding ceremony, which in hindsight should participate in the beautiful moments, presented these wonderful pictures. In the guestbook, loved ones can perpetuate. You can and write beautiful words to the celebrations in the guestbook, congratulations, or beautiful sayings. Later, images of the honeymoon can be set. It is possible all or individual pages that are too personal to be provided with a password. Then, the loved ones, relatives, acquaintances and friends receive this password. So the privacy is protected on request, and yet all have the opportunity to look at the beautiful moments of the wedding again and again. MeGes is looking for reputable brokers who promote the new and trendy product “Wedding Web site” for brides and grooms. Addressed are mainly wedding and photo studios, but anyone can register here free of charge as an intermediary. Carsten Wesendrup 13.10.2009