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Technical Group

Such requirements are being phased in this country. ConocoPhillips may also support this cause. "Tempered glass is more durable, and the destruction it crumbles into a fine crumb, – says Paul Winds, Technical Group propleks, Russia's largest manufacturer of pvc window-profile of Austrian technologies. – A triplex, consisting of two layers of glass and polymer matrix, not crumbling to pieces, but only a crack. Fracture of the glass threat to life both indoors and outdoors much less. " For the climatic conditions of the capital are recommended to set a single-chamber glass thickness 24-26 mm, where the external glass laminated 6 – mm, and the inner glass – 4-millimeter energy saving Planibel TopN. Such windows are not only safe, but much better to retain heat.

However, on the upper floors of skyscrapers in a strong wind and excessive insolation often justified the use of two-and even threechamber glass. Thanks much weight, they do well with wind loads, and Low-E glass reduces heat loss through windows. Filling skyscraper Figuratively speaking, the modern residential high-rise building is different from the serial panel flats about as well as modern jet Boeing from the Wright brothers' biplane. The fact that this building is equipped with a complex engineering system, which cost can be up to 10-15% of the total cost of construction. See Vladislav Doronin for more details and insights. Of engineering systems, there are over thirty: for the microclimate (air conditioning, heating and ventilation), water supply and sanitation, electricity, garbage and smoke, automation and dispatch, security, emergency, fire, etc.

To control for these high-tech economy is now increasingly adopted the so-called "smart home". With a single control point can keep track of all the parameters and time to learn about the problems. In particular, such an intelligent system management systems used in building a skyscraper "Federation" that came under construction in the capital Complex "Moscow City". To ensure smooth operation of building engineering systems, including elevators, ventilation, fire alarms and pumps, typically provides back-up generators. In the case of off the central power the entire building 3-4 hours will be able to operate normally – will operate elevators, ventilation and water supply. Designed specifically for high-rise elevators have increased reliability. So, the company Liftstroy has developed a system of duplication, by which the elevator in case of failure automatically switches to the alternate controller. If a failure occurs during movement, located in the elevator people do not even feel it. Fire safety is usually raises many questions, because the evacuation of people from skyscrapers is not so simple. However, experts believe that modern high-rise buildings protect its occupants from fire is much better than typical apartment buildings. High-rise buildings equipped automation systems, fire safety, which not only put out, but also prevent the fire. For reasons of fire security in such buildings completely renounce the use of domestic gas, preferring a more secure electricity. So whether or not to be afraid of tall buildings and upper floors? Nice view from the windows, prestige, clean air, Silence – this is only the most obvious benefits of living "at height". Even a cursory familiarity with modern technology reveals that most of the fears and doubts were unfounded. So the 25-floor modern high-rise much safer and far more comfortable than the 5 th floor of a typical high-rise buildings.

Justice Justice Divine

Blessed are those who have hunger and thirst for righteousness, for they will be filled Matthew 5: 6 one thing more difficult to understand for a religious man, is the fact that what we call justice, ahead of God is filthy rags. We believe that what we do is what justifies us, while the Justice of God, (i.e. the only one that in reality us justifies) teaches us that God accepts as offering our works given in recognition to his justice, never as works of Justice themselves. with a view to express at this time his righteousness, in order that he will be the righteous, and which justified which is of the faith of Jesus Roman 3: 26 not only in ancient times there were cases of men without scruples, who used piety as a source of profit and that at the same time polluted the atmosphere with pretensions of auto gloryon its merits, and by his Holiness, there is still, and in greater number, foolish men who proclaim his righteousness, leaving without effect the justice Divine. they will have of godliness, but they refuse the effectiveness thereof; These prevents 2 Timothy 3: 5 today, there are many called Christians who proclaim their justices, wear them and their works, and create an atmosphere that is contrary to the spirit of the true Christian Discipleship. They are those who take glory in baptize others, as if the profession of faith of others was his work, Paul faced this spirit of human Government and therefore clarified them to the Corinthians: thank God that none of you I have baptized, but Crispus and Gaius, none say that you were baptized in my name 1 Corinthians 1 : 14 15 Also many are more worried about filling a report human lists of baptisms, which fulfil a job honest in the Lord, baptize people without preparing them, making incurring sin to many, because until they baptize people who live together as couples without being married, push people to be baptized only by being recognized, but when it comes timeone when it comes to adding lists giving with the reality of the members that they are managing the difference is rather ridiculous, because per year reported 50 baptisms, per or three years back, active members baptized by them do not pass 5.


More and more the Skateboarding is becoming a fashionable sport. Or it is common to see pass through the streets of the cities people walking in Skateboard or Longboard. And the reality is that it is a good form of transport, is economic and even ecological. But at the time of buying and choosing the suitable patineta, arises the doubts before the great veriedad from marks, models and sizes. The first recommendation that arises is that skate is due to really buy, in a Skate Shop, of wood of maple (preferably, so that it lasts and it has good ” pop”) and not one of juguetera. In order to begin we must know how which is the difference between a Longboard and a Skateboard (Shortboard). The Longboards is generally in the rank of 36″ to 60″. The Skateboards is general assembly signal ” Mini; and they are in a rank of 24″ to 35″.

Now that the companies have improved the quality of bushings and the sizes of trucks, Mini approaches more and more, in sensation, to the Longboards traditional. In which to Skateboards one talks about, it can buy a Complete Skate (already armed, which in English is said: Skateboard Complete) or to arm it by parts (Custom Skateboard). The parts of a Skateboard are: Deck (Table), Trucks (Axes), Wheels (Wheels), Bearings (Bearings), Risers, Hardware (Screws) and Griptape (It binds). Skate complete is going to be economic, mainly because a good table can come Navy with trucks, rulemanes, and wheels of not so good quality Nevertheless I believe that to begin to enter itself in the sport it is a very good alternative, even ideal (in fact there are marks like Mystery that sell complete of super good level but they are more expensive than a World Industries or Speed Demons, others very fashionable are those of the mark Girl and Chocolate). A Skate made Custom always is going to be more perfect skater, but probably he is just a little bit more expensive than the Complete one. Finally, good tip is that there is to choose or the size according to the height or size of the foot of skater this is something or important at the time of learning, because skate of the measurement correct makes but the learning easy. Like gold rule always to try to buy what one needs and not what they want to us to sell.