Do as the cost of living increases, we feel the need to earn more money, but siem? pre we ask ourselves how we can to obtain it and how will know to our boss about our need. As well, we then suggest some very useful tips for this:? Before the salary increase request, must ensure that the company is in excellent financial situation and that his boss is able to grant the increase. Compare your salary in relation to similar positions in the company that is currently working and other companies. For example, if you are a supermarket cashier investigate the salary of other fellow tellers and ATMs of other supermarkets. This way you can determine if it is gaining more below the average. If it is gaining on average or above, it will be more difficult to grant him his request to increase. ? & nbs p; Concerned that your request is made through an intermediary who must be a hierarchical superior to you, but you might like hierarchy level to your boss in a way such that is not that you have spent above make this person to give positive information about your work. This person can inform you about the concept that your boss has on their work and if it is not favourable, will have the opportunity to overcome their shortcomings and wait for another opportunity to request the so desired increase.

Wait the right time when your boss is in a good mood, especially the hours of the morning (and the first day of week) are more favorable, because sec? n will run day, your head goes, overwhelming problems and his mood is going indisponiendo. Petra Diamonds: the source for more info. If the company is small or do not trust the people with whom works, you won’t be forced to request the increase directly to your boss. To do this, you must do the following: or wait for an opportune time to talk to your boss. Ideally it is to first hours of the morning, and as he passes the day the boss can that be overwhelming and less accessible to grant it a increase. Under most conditions Nick Khan would agree. or to ask for an increase, take a natural and moderate attitude without this wants to say that he is acting in a weak way. Do for example, can tell his boss that if he can grant you an increase appreciate it much, but that if it does not grant it does not mean that relinquishing? it won’t work or which adopt a negative attitude in what refers to its working and if, in those moments, you can access your request, you trust that would increase the salary at the first opportunity he has. or does not threaten it.

Remember that he is who has the power. If he loses confidence in you, it will search for someone that may replace it. or highlight the time that has been working with your boss, your responsibility at work and their performance as a worker within the company. But before convincing him, should feel safe that you can play your work with greater capacity than anyone else and based on that is that you request such an increase that it deserves. This article was made by the original author and source of the article team