According to the Bolivian president, the farm birds that are fattened with feminine hormones have consequences in consume that them, as much men as women. the chicken that we eat is loaded of feminine hormones. For that reason, when the men eat those chickens, they have deviations in its being like men, assured Morals, which caused laughter between thousand of assistants to the inauguration of the World-wide Conference of the Towns on the Climatic Change and Rights of the Mother Earth. In addition, one cheered up to assure that their sayings are scientifically proven. Later it arrived the turn from the analysis of the consequences of that type of foods in the baldness and made its own prophecy: In fifty years everybody will be bald . the baldness, that seems normal, is a disease in Europe, almost all are bald. And it is by the things that eat. While, in the indigenous towns it does not have bald, because we eat other things, it assured Morals, that it put like example its abundant hair, in spite of its fifty years. A related site: the futurist mentions similar findings. From writing of we do not know that to say, but we were sent to the photo of the news, we think that it says much. Evo seems a crazy person on the verge of leaving the closet That the Iranian dictator would say to his friend? Published by Alvaro Llcer original Author and source of the article