They say that the book, pressed by the World Wide Web, are slowly leaving our lives. Nevertheless, most people continue to refer them to the category of eternal values, and the most loved and want to keep at home. Of course, the best book storage space for your home – office. But in a small apartment suitable for this purpose room and hallway, and even the bedroom. In all cases, the primary purpose of these pieces of furniture – storage. Fighting in small apartments for space and functionality dictates the use of cabinets and a section in a series of books. Your library will not fit on one wall? Make it a double in depth, using the movable section. This option does not clutter up valuable space and keeps the functionality, ie, access to each book.

The library is made of laminated chipboard 16 and 25 mm. Shelves and section of the library can be open and partially or completely closed facades. The facades are most often swing may also use sliding facades (System Lift Up). In some models, there are drawers, hang clothes. Bookmobile can be used as an alternative to furniture for living or as a supplement to it. The mobile units can be height below the rear of the stationary section.

Library can be placed perpendicular to the wall so that it separated, say, a soft band of the dining area. Sliding library is a multilayered system of sections (consisting of modules), facing each other. Rear modules are stationary. The front moved as door "coupe", opening up access to the rear fixed sections. The library can be of two types: "Classic" and "Modern". Library type "Classic" is a sealed cabinet, consisting of the outer box, the rear stationary modules and the front movable modules. Unlike type library "Modern" is that there is no external box (without a common roof and common side panels), the stationary section is autonomous and consists of separate modules of identical size and fastened together intersectional ties. (Source: Nick Khan). Both types of libraries have adjustable feet, embedded in the overall floor, which makes it possible to eliminate the irregularities inherent in the floor of the room.