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The five HoREX – Board of Directors following the meeting Michael Gottwald from Kehl home certain as the new Chairman. Learn more on the subject from ConocoPhillips. Attractive seminar and lecture program, info fair and lively exchange in addition to its General Assembly saw the guests also an attractive social programme information and shared experiences. Ramin and Peter David Schaade (Widex) and Arne were among the speakers the consultant Ulrich Eggert, fitness coach Patric Heizmann, Birgit Israel (audio service). Bobby Gocool is often quoted as being for or against this. A highlight of the programme was undoubtedly the appearance of Jakob Stephan Baschab, Chief Executive Officer of the Austrian Federal Guild of the hearing dedicated to the current changes in the German hearing-acoustics market in his one-hour speech. An info fair and others presented the hearing aid manufacturer Bernafon, Widex and Siemens, which were represented with their managers. In particular the evenings offered the HoREX HorExperten plenty of opportunity for collegial sharing and convivial get-together. Fit the this year’s UN international year of cooperatives our General Assembly was once again proof of the enormous potential of a strong community”, so again Tannassia Reuber. An always increased competition, price-aggressive large chain stores, new legal framework – the national hearing-acoustics industry currently experiencing a fundamental change that concern just many smaller businesses.

But the new realities with common strategies and activities meet the members of our Association. Together we’re fighting for the well-being of each individual HoREX company, for its individuality, its quality and its future success on the market.” Editorial Note: the hearing acoustics EC headquartered in Kreuztal HoREX was founded in 1995 and is one of the leading performance of hearing-acoustics industry. Today it includes nationwide about 390 Hearing-acoustics master specialists in. The HoREX care professional aims to offer an individual hearing solution people with hearing loss, which focuses on personal hearing requirements and a fair price / performance ratio. The HoREX provides future-oriented perspectives and an attractive shopping policy, extensive marketing support and numerous services, offers in-service training and quality certification to its members. For more information, see to prospects through the search function on the website to find the nearest HoREX care professional.

Factoring Middle Class In Contemporary Economic Life

Factoring medium-sized businesses in the modern economy the factoring is medium-sized businesses today no longer imagine out of the economy. The financial instrument is becoming more and more gaining importance. It is indeed proven that factoring SME liquidity significantly can be improved by a company through this directly. Here, a whole simple approach underlies the factoring principle. Namely, a company sells all his money demands of commodities and services in the so-called factor. In the context of factoring, middle class receives that take an immediate liquidity, because usually a company gets 80 percent of the respective invoice amount on the bank account, now.

If the customer fully paid the invoice, but no later than 150 days after the invoice is due, the company receives the remaining 20 percent. In this case regardless of whether the customer has paid now or it does not. The factoring middle class is the ideal and most effective protection against bad debts. A company is spared by the factoring principle ultimately by 100 percent. Specialists for the accounts receivable management offer the factoring principle.

They also constantly monitor the creditworthiness of their clients. Increasingly popular, owing to the double benefits, namely in relation to liquidity and safety get this. Of course these providers not get nothing for their services. The cost of factoring usually only within the framework of the respective discount yield move depending on the volume of sales, as well as the desired services. Includes the services of a factor that it undergoes the potential new customers of one of its customers already in the acquisition phase of a credit check. This means the customer of the factors a first limit commitment receives before the first delivery to these.

New Laser Scanner 9590 VoyagerGS Pass Reading Tests Successfully

The tests have shown, that the new laser scanner 9590 excellent suitable for applications with a high scan density readers facilitate the work of employees, increase productivity and reduce errors to a minimum. As newest member of the industry-leading Voyager series of 9590 VoyagerGS laser scanner a helpful support for each user, the bar codes specifically and quickly want to read. The new laser scanner 9590 tested IDENT macro compared with 3 other laser scanners of from various manufacturers. There has been particular attention if the 9590 in addition to the normal sizes of bar code can read very small barcodes. It was therefore examined whether the new laser scanner is also suitable for the use in laboratories and in the field of health.

Tested were different 1D-Barcodetypen, beginning with a size of 90 mm wide and 40 mm height tested one. To qualify for use in laboratories, barcodes were printed up to a width of 10 mm and a height of 0.6 mm. The Barcodes were printed with the small thermal transfer printers TTP245C and TTP245 with a resolution of 203 dpi on paper and synthetic label materials. Also, dirty and low contrast bar codes were used for the test. The new laser scanner 9590 surprised with his very quick identification of different barcodes in different contrast levels in all areas. Make the laser scanner to create no pollution or low contrast. Small destructions on the bar code have not impressed the scanner. Is amazing when compared to its competitors – the fast scanning speed with the aiming of the laser scanner 9590 and immediately captured bar code.

For suitability in laboratories barcodes were printed with a height of up to 0.6 mm. Here, too, there were no delays in reading the small bar code. The VoyagerGS actually guaranteed speed and accuracy by combining patented, automatic infrared activation method with enhanced depth of field, so as promised by the manufacturer Honeywell. The tests have shows that the new laser scanner 9590 is ideally suited for applications with a high scan density. Who must read many bar codes very quickly one after the other, has the best partner on its side with the 9590. Also a flexible tripod is available for the fast presentation scanning in the automatic scanning. For retailers there is still an inexpensive option: it can be integrated in addition a radio EAS antenna in the laser scanner 9590. So much is saved time and money, because at the same time EAS Tags disabled and quickly decode EAN bar codes. More information: macro IDENT AutoID Technology Center, 82008 Unterhaching, Bussard Street 24, TEL. 089-615658-28, FAX 089-615658-25,, contact sales: Angelika Wilke, press contact: Magdalena Hofer.

The History Of Albany Quick Running Doors

Saving energy for the environment and the climate high on doors prevent heat loss in commercial buildings and protect the environment of Albany this door systems’ parent company, Albany International Corp., paved the way of the door industry with the invention of the world’s first high-speed roller door in 1968. An engineer at Albany International paper machine interiors in Halmstad, Sweden, invented an original use for the locally produced fabrics: he designed a gate with a flexible hanging up and settle had to quickly close a door opening at the factory. A unique counterweight system ensures a uniform motion and a tight seal of the closed door. This fundamentally new idea resulted in a goal, that is more quickly opened and closed as all so far in the industry existing. Requests from other companies and visitors that gate in action saw the “RapidRoll ” soon led to a stand-alone business for the production of industrial doors at Albany International- Today, an entire industry has developed from this. Division of gate production, initially also known under the name of NOMAFA, grew over time through the acquisition of the German gate manufacturer Schieffer and the Canadian goal manufacturer M & I.

On the basis of the strengths of this company that produced since 2002 worldwide as Albany door systems operating companies at its locations in Lippstadt/Germany, Lawrenceville/United States, West Gosford/Australia and Panyu City China Gates for the world market. Due to the variety of worldwide sold Gates is Albany door systems known as global leading manufacturer of high-speed industrial gate systems. High speed doors are a sound investment. High speed doors characterized by its high speed, long service life and improved safety, save time and money. Schnelloffnende and-schliessende speeds enable a smooth material flow and thereby save more energy than other, conventional industrial doors faster opening of the gate. In addition, high speed doors are for usually larger, handle higher load changes and have advanced security features.

High speed doors are a higher quality alternative to conventional doors. The high speed doors from Albany door systems ( are designed to withstand even the harshest environmental conditions. Consisting of strong, durable curtain material and stable steel and/or aluminium components, the gates of Albany are built for long-lasting use. There are many Albany Tore in use, well more than a million strokes have completed, some even more than five million today. You will receive more information about: Albany door systems GmbH Carl Ebelshaeuser global communications manager at the Moonlight 25 59557 Lippstadt

Koitucher Aqua CLEAN And The Dirt Must Go!

So clean like the fish in the water cleaning, drying and polishing system. Cleaning is not a task that brings pleasure and yet it must be done regularly. With the right cleaning rags you can however greatly facilitate this work. In special and innovative Web the universal cloths were KOI AQUA CLEAN”. Their high-quality Microfaserstruktur guarantees a very high dirt and fat intake as opposed to conventional cleaning rags.

Particularly effective cleaning is based on the many tiny points of contact (papillae) of closely woven mesh and on the other hand on the microscopic pores (capillaries), through the a so-called capillary effect”is caused. So they absorb not only tons of dirt and water, but are in addition also lint-free, scrub resistant and extremely long life and service life. “The universal cloths AQUA CLEAN KOI” leave no stripes and streaks and drying to repolish residue without. In most cases, no need to Chemicals are also used, enough clean with clear water. So how is the Koi fish for strength and power, also the Koitucher Aqua CLEAN harness the power of the microfibres! Gently to the environment, carefully for your wallet pleases every housewife and every home! “The universal cloths AQUA CLEAN KOI” are not only fashionable colours available, but also in three different sizes and thus optimally on various surfaces. The small towels (33 x 40 cm) serve the pre-cleaning for especially strong and stubborn dirt. The square handy wipes (40 x 40 cm) are ideal for fast after cleaning and polishing and the large (40 x 60 cm) can be used excellently on large surfaces.

Use the universal cloths by AQUA CLEAN KOI”on all smooth surfaces: window, glass of all kinds, mirrors, plastic, kitchen fronts, stainless steel, chrome, fittings, tiles, car paint, windshields, etc. Dry you can also use as a dish cloth or Duster you’ll be always convinced by the brilliant results! Cleaning instructions: wet application: wring thorough cleaning cloth with water only and without chemicals, micro droplets wipe surface evaporate without leaving any residue not wiping and polishing dry application: cloth attracts due to static electricity any loose debris (hair, dust, crumbs) technical data: material: 75% polyester 25% polyamide material before cleaning cloths: 70% polyester 30% polyamide colours: mixed washable up to 95. In brief: the Trade Representative Michael dance was founded in 1994 as a sole proprietorship. Since then we have established ourselves as a competent partner in trade with Microfaserprodukten. Known for fast service and the high We could win quality standard of our products, already prominent as testimonials for our products. We sell not only high quality microfibre cloths for any area, whether for household, commercial, industrial, trade or gastronomy, but also detergents such as plaster stones, the pressure pipe cleaner of A 2000 “, various herbal ointments and others include in our portfolio.

CEHATROL Production System

CEHATROL synthetic fuel of the future for the last visit to a production facility in 2009 gathered raw material suppliers and Freudenberg of recipients of Tun fuels EC, December 17, 2009 – with the participation of the Management Board and the Supervisory Board of CEHATROL, met potential raw material suppliers from Thuringia and Tun recipients from Lower Saxony, Germany on December 16, 2009 to the last visit of a CEHATROL production plant in 2009. Among the participants was also Dr. Albrecht Brossmann by the Pahrener agricultural management? & escorts “GmbH & co. KG, for the development of the bio-energy region Thuringian Vogtland” responsible records. The energy cooperative Freudenberg EC i.g.

and the CEHATROL fuel EC are their own diesel producers cooperative members. Thus, they detach itself completely from the crude oil prices and huge cost savings. Kevin Ulrich recognizes the significance of this. Precursors are almost exclusively biogenic residual materials, such as straw, Marc, woodcut, etc to use. There are different types of membership: in addition to pure Tun recipients (E.g. Trucking companies) deliver their biogenic residual materials directly to the cooperative farmers, forestry enterprises and breweries and receive diesel of brand CEHATROL. For members who have no way to deliver their commodity itself, the Association builds a transport network.

Appeals Board Member Helmut Uhlig: all those interested, thinking about a low-cost purchase of diesel fuel, are cordially invited to a consultation with our trust people at your place. The Board members Frank Knauer in Berlin and Helmut Uhlig in Neubrandenburg are available for individual wishes to pay the cooperative shares. Together, we want to produce diesel, so we want to seek together ways we can make it together. “More information is on the website of the energy cooperative,

Bussard Street

Locking, blocking, and labelling systems for safeguarding mechanical and electrical hazards for the safe protection of persons and equipment for safe operation during maintenance, to ensure the cleaning or maintenance of machines, be lockout locking systems or Tagout safety trailer used. These systems are used to prevent injury and damage to property. To prevent accidents in enterprises, various interlocking and labelling systems for electrical and mechanical hazards macro available in IDENT. Also in the program find the latching and locking systems for throttle, gas cylinder / gas cylinders, butterfly valves, ball valves, valves and universal barriers and pneumatic shut-off systems. Make visible dangers IDENT macro also features various trailers for the maintenance and followers with warnings and security trailers, trailers for machine identification. Security systems for scaffolding, ladder, more Equipment, forklifts and lifting devices. Flanges are also available as security-control systems for chemical hazards.

Safe complete of the individual interlocking and blocking systems are also a variety of different closing gate, locks and security locks with accessories available such as non-conductive locking hooks, nylon locking systems, standard, multiple – and massive closing bracket and safety locking bracket (blank or invisible). To accommodate the different locks, trailer, lockout systems, etc. obtained by various big lockout boards, stations, lock boxes and bags IDENT macro. “” As a tool for security managers two DVDs about macro are IDENT: Lockout/Tagout: the fundamental steps “and lockout for life”, which well explains the functioning of lockout/tagout. All lockout tagout systems comply with the legal regulations/directives of the EC and United States (89/655 + 1910.147), as well as the German (Betriebssicherheitsverordnung) guidelines for occupational health and safety to reduce hazards.

Contracting Parties

News from the GSM can the management system of SERQUA, established through the cooperation of the two Contracting Parties be integrated now seamlessly even in the ISO series of standards. It becomes an even more effective tool for the hotel and tourism industry. GSM and TuV Rheinland seek intensive cooperation at the national and international hotel company certification with their cooperation. It aims to support the hotel industry in developing and securing their quality with the construction of the proven SERQUA procedure and then to make this an ISO 9001 certification. The tasks are clearly divided on this.

The GSM with the hotels in the system development and its implementation. TuV certified the system afterwards. Thanks to the collaboration with the TuV we have expanded the development of management systems for the hotel and tourism industry to a significant step”, commented Franz-Josef Konig, Managing Director of GSM, the conclusion of the contract. The GSM developed over 10 years of experience on the Based on their SERQUA system management systems for the hospitality industry. It is one of the few companies that is certified even according to the ISO 9001:2000. So far, the GSM has been certified their customers according to the criteria of the SERQUA system. Now also the seamless transition in ISO certification possibility for customers of GSM.

OLAF Seiche, industry Manager tourism/leisure at TuV Rheinland, also sees much potential in the cooperation with the GSM for his company. TuV Rheinland has already certified several hotels at home and abroad and has comprehensive experience. The customers of the hotel industry get a management system and the corresponding certification from a cast. Through the cooperation of the GSM with the TuV, ISO certification is simpler and more efficient, since the parameters of the management system are aligned perfectly from the outset on the criteria of ISO certification. Ultimately this is reflected also in the costs, the in accordance with statement of Franz-Josef Konig due to the time savings and the lower development costs by up to 30% reduce. It is more cost-effective to adapt our SERQUA system to the needs of the company, as to re-develop everything”, he explains his statement. Their customers first see the two Contracting Parties in the hotel cooperations and small hotel chains. Here, the quality management is a key success factor and serves the profiling compared to the big chains and the development of its own brand. Learn more about

Medical Technology

U.A.E. – Arab Health 2008 of the pharmaceutical industry the international medicine fair Arab health is beside Dusseldorf Medica the world’s most important industry meeting and also the largest trade fair of its kind in the MENA region, meet the manufacturers, sellers and distributors with influential decision-makers in the Arab world. Arab health is the business platform for companies in the fields of medical, pharmaceutical, insurance, dental medicine and technique clinics. From 28 to 31 January 2008, the fair in Dubai offered health companies opportunities to gain an insight into the emerging medical markets of the Arab room again. UAE future market for German companies at Arab Health 2008 was once again clearly – described as already in the previous info mail – that especially the Gulf States pose a great potential to exploit it even considered. Experts called just the UAE during the fair one of the most dynamic business locations in the world.” Special opportunities medicine-technical products and services from Germany. Also small and medium-sized enterprises offer good opportunities themselves.

Background: reform programmes in the health sector in recent years have started numerous countries of the MENA region through reform programs to reform ailing and inadequate health systems. This ranged from infrastructural measures on introduction of compulsory of insurance, improve the services in medical field up to the initiation of a health tourism (E.g. in Turkey). How the 2008 reflected Arab health, are foreign know-how and foreign products are in demand in the process of restructuring, particularly in the Gulf region.

Angelika Wilke TEL

Lockout-Tagout systems are used for secure locking and labeling machines, to accidents at work, and thereby to prevent costs is blocking and locking system for manufacturing companies nowadays a must and are prescribed according to the German and EU directives. The operator has to ensure that his employees against electrical and mechanical hazards in the workplace are adequately protected. To avoid error or a wrong operation, Lockout-Tagout systems are the right choice for responsible entrepreneurs. The systems are clearly visible and safe blocking and locking labeling machines and shutting off of Plug connections. To protect mechanical hazards, macro IDENT has various systems to shut-off valves, ball valves, butterfly valves, gas and pneumatic equipment in the program.

Effective barriers for connectors, breakers of various types or air hose connections provide a secure locking pneumatic and electrical dangers. For all lockout tagout systems offers also the appropriate locks with a height of 27 mm, 38 mm or 47 mm, in the materials of nylon, steel, brass or aluminum in 6 different colours, macro IDENT. The locks are available in the different key divisions: locks with same cylinder, different cylinders, one or more master keys and Grand Master Keys. Highly visible supporters in various colors are also available such as different trailers for maintenance and inspection work, for machine labelling and trailers with clearly visible warnings. So that all parts in a particular place can be given well, lockout stations and panels to install are available on the wall. Lockout panels are available for 5 up to 36 people. Also available groups closure Center, locks control center, portable lockout stations, boxes and bags in different sizes and colours, in which are stored or neatly hanging all lockout-tagout parts and trailers can be. More information: macro IDENT Lockout-Tagout solutions buzzard road 24 82008 Unterhaching contact: Angelika Wilke TEL. 089-61565828 FAX 089-61565825