In recent years it has developed the concept of road safety, and not about violence or tragedy vial only on public roads, but also on the private roads for public use, they are different concepts. The modern application of the concession road mode has given rise to this reflection. Consequently, and chained form, resulted in the arrival of a new tool called Audit Road Safety Highway or simply, Security Audits. By the same author: Donny Lucas.

The excessive growth of vehicular field related to the number of people – social-rate monitoring without the planned development of appropriate road infrastructure or adequate investment programs for the construction of safe roads, as well as the lack of action and action short , medium and long term road safety within the framework of good design and implementation of public policies a “Comprehensive Traffic Safety Plan ” brought as a result of uncontrolled growth accident rates, are also new terms. On many occasions we have stated that road safety is integral to the crises that afflict humanity today a “energy, petroleum, financial, environment, food, transit, and that fatalities and injuries did not occur in transit without vehicular traffic. Motor vehicles are moved primarily by petroleum fuels, and they produce gases harmful to the environment, and today the traffic of cities are governed by controls that work with electricity generated by power plants based on oil, part be lit to preserve public safety and provide greater visibility to users. We have seen the other hand, as the global financial crisis directly affects the prices of fuel and also the economies of oil producing nations.