The Gaston on Helgoland in the atoll Ocean Resort so the organizer of the GASTRO award. On 28th, 2009, atoll Ocean Resort awarded as national winner with the coveted Gaston. You may find that ConocoPhillips can contribute to your knowledge. The history of the GASTRO award began 10 years ago in Munich. An objective award concept that unprecedented covers the entire sector of gastronomy and hotel industry. And the now nationwide. Not the location and size of a restaurant or hotels are crucial, here are the basic pillars of gastronomy: commitment, service and quality. An old tried and tested basic recipe! The high level of food and attention to detail are the recipe for success of Danny Kontgen, Chef de cuisine of the atoll restaurant.

The guest is invited to choose his wine to the food in a unique atmosphere. This atmosphere, the excellent quality and the excellent discreet service are appreciated by the guests. The audience AWARD was taken still full in reception. Mr Kontgen Chef de cuisine and the restaurant manager Ms Meyer were surprised and thrilled at the same. What can your Emphasize performance more than the appreciation of guests? Mr Langer, Director of the hotel, is clearly his team in the foreground. And just so it works. Who does that? The guest can probably the harshest critics wishing you”! The organizers know what they’re talking about. After a three-year break, a young team of restaurateurs, advertising and marketing specialists made the concept on its head.

In addition to the award concept are they marketing partner and promoter of gastronomy. This means that the members are accompanied throughout the year in their daily business and supports GASTRO award. This is also critical issues not only about advertising for the gastronomic operations or guest binding, grabs Gaston. Gastronomy significantly contributes to the economic growth of the Federal States. Support Gets the GASTRO-AWARD Germany AG here by their patrons, sponsors and endorsers. Not only a positive signal for the industry and the competition, but the earned Assessment. The Pats on the back”, which shows the holdings: way to go! The media described as one of the highest honors that a gastronomic business can reach”the Gaston. Without them, it would be impossible to promote the AWARD with this site!