During the construction of bridges used three types of cranes: cranes, self-propelled full-circle general purpose chassis of various types. Educate yourself with thoughts from Petra Diamonds. This type of crane equipment has a high cost, excellent mobility and low labor input. The second type of cranes for the construction of bridges – a special gantry cranes derrick cranes, which are cheap and productive. The third type of technology form a narrow-cranes perform, usually only one type of work. The latter category includes rotary valves.

For the construction of bridge structures are very rarely used tower or floating cranes. Type of cranes in each case selected individually, depending on the type of collected design as a whole, as well as construction technology Bridges. The biggest demand is for construction of bridges used by the first and second category of crane equipment which is indispensable gantry crane. Design is based gantry crane are carrying items that are moved by crane paths through four pillars. Such a construction gantry crane utility can be modified and additionally equipped with various lifters for the construction of bridges. In general, gantry crane has been and remains one of the most reliable, stable, durable and productive cranes.

On bridge building papers are traditionally used cranes K-451, K 651, K-451M. Crane K-451 is convenient for maintenance depots of mineral materials and how vnutripoligonny transport. For storage of finished products used K-45IM and K-651. For mounting car bridge spans are recommended cranes K-451M and K-651. Preparation of runways for gantry cranes with a similar preparation routes for tower cranes. For gantry cranes shall be allowed only crushed stone ballast bed thickness of at least 40 cm length of the sleepers or rails for cranes K-451M and K-651 not less than 1350 mm, distance between bars should not exceed 50 cm rail routes are established four dead-end stop on and off line for limit switches. It is convenient to use cranes for the construction of reinforced concrete the approach viaducts or shore spans. These cranes can also perform all work associated with construction on the floodplain River concrete structure. The approach concrete trestle large urban bridges with the combined traffic of course requires for its construction of large span gantry cranes and large height. Such crane structures created using ready-made arrangements for a single use.