Record number of visitors and praise for diversity, to offer the concept of the Organizer, a wide selection of on trend themes IT quality and atmosphere, gave the Karlsruhe Congress of developer a new record: this June he put on for the first time 800 visitors and visitors. Of your own track to the IT security, which had its premiere in 2013 met with special interest. There were not only purely technical points, the wide attention: the scientific keynotes were just as positively as the contribution by Dr. Andreas Boes ISF Munchen. He highlighted the transformation of work in the development of lean software development. Here, Mitchel Resnick expresses very clear opinions on the subject. Many participants want an own lecture strand to such external content even for 2014, wishes that the Advisory Board for the Karlsruhe 2014 discussed Developer Day even more interactive formats and posts about embedded systems were proposed as an inspiration. Some visitors and visitors but then saw a small problem: parallel, there have been just too many interesting presentations.

For the first time had “the organisers complemented the programme with an evening event: motto is quo vadis, Developer Day?” invited the applicants and interested parties to discuss the future direction of the Karlsruhe developer day. There emerged what was already the direct feedback on the Conference: the agile community extremely appreciates such opportunities to meet and to establish personal contacts with other experts. Therefore, more interactive formats were stimulated, also practice reports from companies, agile working, and the ability to direct conversations with the speakers and the speakers were very interesting. In addition to the Advisory Board of the developer day is also the VKSI (Association of Karlsruhe software engineers) dealing with the suggestions and consider opportunities for new, regular events or workshops. It aims to strengthen and maintain the IT community in the region of Karlsruhe. Particularly gratifying for the event: parallel to the new There was much praise for the existing format proposals.