Perhaps senior management expect quick results, perhaps feared for reputation – as it were, at the end of 1970 'top' was obtained available to minimize all racing company projects. Therefore, in the years 1971-72. Chief dvigatelist bmw Alex von Falkenhauzen (Alex von Falkenhausen) and his assistant Paul Roche has been engaged in issues related to serial production 'Bavarian motor plant. " However, hardly would expect that these people are totally abandon their case after so many years of hard work: an informal work to improve the 'formula' engines are continuing, in 1971, Dieter Quester takes a series of third place in the 'March-712-BMW' (whose power unit – the result of overtime work and enthusiasm dvigatelistov BMW). With regard to 'body-rings', then in 1970, Burkard Bofenzipenu, the owner of the factory tuning 'Alpina', was asked to bring to mind the already mentioned 6-cylinder 'coupe' and, if informal support 'BMW AG', try your luck on the racetrack European Championship. '' model wins at Spa, and the results of the season occupies the first place. Interest in the 'CS' increases dramatically, however, and in 1971-72 years. role of the 'Bavarian factories' working on 'coupe' only nominal: the company supports the initiative of private instruction – 'Alpina', 'Schnitzer', paying for DM10000 for winning the stage and DM100000 if he wins in a season for bmw. However, constant improvement of the ring 'Ford Capri RS', the work on which has been involved the entire financial, engineering and manufacturing power of the German branch of the 'Ford Motor Co.', Demanded active intervention of representatives of the Bavarian concern: even the combined forces of independent racing teams was not enough for a qualitative leap.