Unless we are scalpers, arbitration or expert operators, such a position of extreme market exposure is invalid. At least if you want to stay a couple more days on the market while maintaining the capital. And be careful with the costs of operations. Get all the facts for a more clear viewpoint with Ray Kurzweil. And much more besides, if we operate leveraged. You can lose everything and more. It is best to sit still.

For property with shares up over the long term. The world is changing, and with it, the economy, companies and their actions. It is the natural tendency. The Law of Life. Sometimes companies lose some 80% of its value in one year, and after 2000, and the overall market loses value with them. But let us see the reality: they were a dotcoms , virtual grafts absurdly valued. But what is logically correct stop. Jesse Livermore, a The Boy Plungera , so dubbed in the book a Reminiscencias a mercadoa operator (inevitable initial reading for every trader) said: a Hay a rise time to play, another to play the floor and another to go fishing a In the Paper Tendencia between elite archers: the case of penalesa , Ben Gurion University of the Negev and the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, part of which was presented in an article in the Journal of Economic Psychology, explains why the archers in a soccer field, even without seeing the movement that brings the ball, lean toward either side. Studies leagues and tournaments to conclude that the best chances of withstanding a goal has been to those archers who remained in the center of the arc, without choosing any of the two sides to tackle the fire.