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The Manual

The electronic system of administration of cards is cheaper than the system of check clearing. The union of cards of store and nets with the credit system and debit tends to grow, for reduction of operational costs of processes and increase of the yield of the involved companies. Although the charged salty interests on the revolving credit (240% to the year), this financial system reveals efficient and until economic when its user creates the habit of the full payment of the monthly invoice, but a trap to the domestic financial health when it effects only the payment of the minimum, becoming a great snow ball. The volume of total insolvency it is around 9,8% of the total of the wallet, reason of the so high interests, but it exists offers to the times exaggerated for certain customers who have high volumes of credit in some flags, that can provoke financial problems to its users in the lack of control of the personal finances. It is clearly and inevitable to perceive that the manual money as we know tends to disappear in the time, in virtue of the increasing development of the technology. The system of credit card offers guarantees for the store or rendering borrower of services, although the crisis the volume continues increasing, guaranteeing the sales and the circulation goods and services for the economy. With projections of growth of the order of 20% to the year, the sector will be able to arrive at a financial volume of at least R$ 800 next billion in the five years, having in 2010 to pass the number of 600 million cards emitted in circulation. The industry of credit cards is promising and generates profits of order 10% 15%, but we cannot deny the praticidade of the system that took account of our lives.

Speculative Debts

Requirements to guarantee the stability of the system, the government will raise the requirement of capital in ownership of all the financial institutions. Deep the speculative ones, that runs away to the control of the authorities, will have that to register itself in a regulating agency. Also norms for the operation will be edited that consists of transforming financial assets into headings. This operation partially was made responsible by the gone off one of the home loans of risk that had provoked the current crisis. The classification agencies, defendant me the evaluation of the inherent risks to these operations, also will be supervised.

the reform will have to give to the government half to allow to a soft desmantelamento that the banks and institutions that to act in the market of securitizao of debts will have to be with at least 5% of these papers. The securitizao occurs when debits of third, as real estate financings, are ‘ ‘ embalados’ ‘ in new products and vendidos in the market the investors. The central idea is that the banks assume a parcel of the risk of these operations, taking them it to be more conservatives. Good part of the current crisis is taken root in this market. The real estate debts ‘ ‘ subprimes’ ‘ (of borrowers without good description of credit) they had been ‘ ‘ empacotadas’ ‘ in financial and vendidas products around of the world. The remuneration of these papers was, in part, the installment that the borrower paid. They are these headings that if they had transformed into ‘ ‘ asset txicos’ ‘ that today the wallets of credit of the banks entopem.

As the prices of the property in U.S.A. they follow in fall and borrowers had left to pay its debts, these assets remain each time more ‘ ‘ txicos’ ‘. He was in great measure on account of these papers (almost without value today) that the government of U.S.A.

Mortal Transit

The manufacture in series of vehicles, without a doubt none, brought much development for all we. However with passing of the times and the use of the same ones of total disordered form, many problems are happening in function of the use of the vehicles. The problems go since the lack of road structure, the excess of vehicles in circulation, lack of places for parking, ambient pollution, vehicles passing through in pssimas use conditions, with an enormous potential to cause accidents and to cut with a scythe lives or to become people ss in deficient physics, with serious problems of mobility. Ally all these problems we have the irresponsibility of the drivers who dirigem of inadequate form, either in excess of speed, forced ultratickets, or, worse that this, directing under effect of the alcohol, I propagate transforming it in a lethal weapon, with being able destructive similar to the one he sets of war. The disordered use and irrational of vehicles, also of motorcycles, it also has, affected the use of our hospital system, in detriment of that they need to take care of of its illnesses, beyond overloading the social welfare financially. On the other hand, having the country a transit with as many deaths and as many accidents, whose mark is the violence, does not know, as Girafales professor says, ‘ ‘ why cause, reason, reason or circunstncia’ ‘ the education of transit is not inserted in the pertaining to school education, since more tenra age. In contrast of this, the citizen is without studying nothing of transit the entire life, until the day where she decides to take off a driver’s license, studies a fast course there very, she gets the national wallet of I transit and leaves for there killing the people and barbarizando in the transit. Today we see the social welfare is going to justice to try to recoup of the culprits for the accidents of I transit of the expenditures that the social welfare (SUS) had in the aid the victims of accidents..

Disgnostic Criteria

Such resistant deliriums are aotratamento and they do not move with time. According to Ballone (2004), the concept of Patolgicocompreende Jealousy some disturbing, desproporcionais feelings and nonsenses, osquais determine the unacceptable or bizarros behaviors. These would sentimentosenvolveriam a disproportionate fear to lose the partner () for one () rival one, extreme and baseless diffidence, generating significant damage interpersonal norelacionamento. After the jealousy ideas, the person is compelled obligatory verificao of its doubts. () The jalousie one () verifies if pessoaest where and with who it said that it would be, opens correspondences, ouvetelefonemas, examines pockets, stock markets, wallets, receipts, close clothes, accompanying segueo (), it contracts particular detectives, etc. All this attempt to dealiviar feelings, beyond admittedly ridicule even for the prpriociumento, does not brighten up the evil to be of the doubt. After the capitulation, confissodo accompanying () enough is never detailed or trustworth and all torturante return previous inquisition. The jalousie ones are in constant search deevidncias and confessions that confirm its suspicion, but despite confirmadapelo () accompanying (), this permanent inquisition still brings more doubts aoinvs of peace.

DSM.IV.TR (2003 pg.327) according to topical on transtornodelirante appears the jalousie type: ' ' This subtype is applied when the dodelrio central subject says respect to be being trado for the spouse or romantic partner, this belief is unjustified and this basing on small incorrect inferences apoiadaspor you evidence, that they are collected and used to justify odelrio. The individual with the delirium generally collates its spouse and parceiroe tries to intervine in the infidelity imaginaria' '. In DSM.IV.TR (2003) the Disgnostic Criteria parTranstorno Delirious (F22.0 – 297,1) pg. 330, where if it includes the TranstornoDelirante de Cime would be: No-bizarros deliriums that involve situations of the real life, such as to be followed, to be poisoned, infectado, loved in the distance, trado for spouse or romantic partner or to have an illness with minimum duration of 1 month.

Medical Union

In this embryonic project, it existed a regimen of half mutualidadepor of which the population if associated and contributes all by means of quotas for acobertura of risks by means of the division of the incubencies with the group. 9 In the republican Constitution of 1891, was registered pelaprimeira time the expression ' ' aposentadoria' ' , which only could serconcedida to the public officers in the cases of invalidity in the installment deservios to the country. At this time, it did not have no source of contribution to parafinanciar the value of the benefits. 10 the initial landmark of the providence in Brazil came with the Decreton 4.682 of 24 of January of 1923, 11 being called ' Law Eloy Chaves'. In it, it was created the Box of Retirement and Pensions for the employees of the empresasferrovirias, giving to these the right to the medical assistance, pensions eaposentadoria. In the decade of thirty the first deAposentadorias Justinian codes and Penses (IAP) regulated by the State had appeared.

12 They possuam bigger umaabrangncia in relation to the professional categories, a time that seumbito innovator was national. Its main purpose was to guarantee aoaposentado or to the pensioner a remuneration adjusted for the inactivity epenso for its dependents. Later, with the unification of the previdnciasocial and the beginning of the installment of the medical assistance, the covering was estendidaa all the workers with signed wallet. In the Constitution of 1934, the use appears of termo' previdncia' for the first time. In it if it guaranteed the esanitria medical assistance to the worker and the institution of the providence in favor of oldness, dainvalidez, of the maternity and in the cases of death or industrial accidents; Constituio of 1937 assured the assistenciais rights of the Constitution de1934, without, however, mentioning the expenditure and the contribution of the Union. 13 OGoverno de Getlio Vargas was the first one to promote naesfera regulating an action social, organizing the work market.


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Control Of People And Its Security

The current times are times of unreliability, products and equipamentosesto always under the robbery threat, the people are citizens perigosmesmo in great cities where combastantes policemen exist police authorities, before a situation as this the deprodutos manufacturers continue the production and technological evolution of seusequipamentos so that the citizen can have products to answer aosperigos that face. One of the equipment that is more utilizadoatualmente in millions of places is the access control, one dispositivoque has in its essence the function to obtain to control, authorizeing ounegando the ticket of people to the place. The control systems deacesso can be isolated devices in the case of pequenadimenso places or where the security guard very does not need to be pressed, but umsistema of access control also can be constituted by umconjunto of some on devices to a central office that receives all ainformao and all makes the coordination of the equipment that is to acontrolar the accesses. They exist some types of systems for the access control, the ratchets are part of the known equipment more and costuma serutilizado in places where for example it is necessary to receive correct ainformao I number of it of people who are to use the local ouesto in ticket for another used space the ticket where estinstalada the ratchet. The credentials can be part of umainstalao of access control, in its known form more are to afalar of a PIN, accurately as a password that can be identical paratodos the users when only is necessary to know the number depessoas in the place or a different password for each person, this ultimasoluo allows to know who was present in place. Existemcredenciais that is objects that authorize the ticket through daproximidade a magnetic card or for a bar code, but seestas technologies does not surprise nobody exists others that already comeama to be part of our days but that still obtain criarexpectativas. We are speaking of the biometria, this departamentotorna our current life in one it has almost filmed of scientific fiction, aquiloque if it saw in the television was carried to our lives. Nocaso of the systems of access control the biometria serves comocredencial, that is it legalizes any person appealing to its body. Existematualmente systems of access control the computers that necessitamque the person places the finger in a device to authorize the dessecomputador use, the system recognizes the person and authorizes the use, but abiometria in the access control is not this way. The umdos Iris is agency of the body that more has been used to use emdispositivos of control of accesses, in more complex systems aautenticao can be made through veins of the human body.

Lomasney Program

For Verstreken et al. (1996), a good planning daily pay-operatrio is highly desirable in many disciplines surgical but rare it is present. That is the result of a metodolgica difference between diagnosis and surgery, a difference that is more notable when the surgery will be based on medical images. The result is the inadequate use of the information diagnosiss during the therapy. The harmful factors are: first, the disgnostic information of the image frequent are in a format that is very difficult to be used during the treatment, a time that the surgeon does not work with bidimensional cuts (2D), but yes with three-dimensional real structures (3D); second, during the surgery, elements you add, such as material and instruments of the implantation, are introduced; the place of such elements is not identified of real form on the images. To surpass these limitations, a system generic of planning for surgery of dental implantations he has been developed. This system allows the interactive manipulation of the materials of the implantation with the reformatted information of the radiogrfico sseo volume (3D).

The surgeon can simulate bidimensional images (2D) reformatted and to verify the relative positioning in an exhibition 3D. In accordance with Lomasney & Steinberg (1999), the DentScan is the program of more common software applied to the images of Cat scan Computerized for formation of images daily pay-operatrias for the dental implantation. The information on the axial images are reformatted as transversal and panoramic images. The information on a place considered for the rank of the dental implantation are determined. The surgeon also must use a computerized program interactive to manipulate the images and the graphical representations of the implantations in the plan of rank of the dental implantation. Interactive software, SIM/Plant (Columbia Scientific, Columbia, MD), the same use the information gotten in used protocol for the program of the DentScan. The SIM/Plant program shows the axial, transversal and panoramic images simultaneously.