The manufacture in series of vehicles, without a doubt none, brought much development for all we. However with passing of the times and the use of the same ones of total disordered form, many problems are happening in function of the use of the vehicles. The problems go since the lack of road structure, the excess of vehicles in circulation, lack of places for parking, ambient pollution, vehicles passing through in pssimas use conditions, with an enormous potential to cause accidents and to cut with a scythe lives or to become people ss in deficient physics, with serious problems of mobility. Ally all these problems we have the irresponsibility of the drivers who dirigem of inadequate form, either in excess of speed, forced ultratickets, or, worse that this, directing under effect of the alcohol, I propagate transforming it in a lethal weapon, with being able destructive similar to the one he sets of war. The disordered use and irrational of vehicles, also of motorcycles, it also has, affected the use of our hospital system, in detriment of that they need to take care of of its illnesses, beyond overloading the social welfare financially. On the other hand, having the country a transit with as many deaths and as many accidents, whose mark is the violence, does not know, as Girafales professor says, ‘ ‘ why cause, reason, reason or circunstncia’ ‘ the education of transit is not inserted in the pertaining to school education, since more tenra age. In contrast of this, the citizen is without studying nothing of transit the entire life, until the day where she decides to take off a driver’s license, studies a fast course there very, she gets the national wallet of I transit and leaves for there killing the people and barbarizando in the transit. Today we see the social welfare is going to justice to try to recoup of the culprits for the accidents of I transit of the expenditures that the social welfare (SUS) had in the aid the victims of accidents..