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Humanities Education

These numbers place Brazil in 1 together place with other countries as for the access to the education, in the research of the ONU divulged for the Global Gender Gap Index 2008, that evaluates the difference between men and women in 128 countries. In this same research when the work market is evaluated, Brazil still is in 72 position of ranking world-wide, the situation worsening when the evaluation is the wage equality, the position of Brazil is 100 (MORALES, 2010). Barroso and Melo (1980, p.47) affirm that the woman increases gradually the years of study that the masculine public, but the growth does not have the same ratio when it relates to the income inaqualities. Bruschini and Lombardi (2000, p.64) affirm that the unemployment tax is bigger between the women, and same with higher pertaining to school level they still earn less than the men even though to develop functions equivalents. The difference in the monthly average income between the men and women of same escolaridade is of about 30% more for the men. Exactly with many changes in the general picture of the situation of the woman in relation to the education and the market of work and although the feminine presence in all the areas of the knowledge, still exists the segmentation for sex how much to the areas of ingression in Superior Ensino with the feminine predominance in the education areas, social health, sciences, Humanities and arts. This segmentation significantly influences in the profile of the work market creating the calls typically feminine occupations, and that generally less income terms of and occupational status are valued in. The IBGE divulged on the basis of in 2008 the data of PNAD 2007, that 44.6% of the women in Brazil are used in on areas to the education, health and social services and 15.7% of the men only act in this sector..

Real Marriages

Probably after the commented real marriage more, after the one of Kate Middleton and Prncipe William it was of the parents of the fianc, Diana and Prncipe Charles, in 1981. It enters the commented item more is the dress of fianc of Diana and its beauty and youth at the time. This was considered the marriage icon of century XX, that unhappyly it did not have a happy end. Different of the marriage of Kate Middleton, Diana had noble origins and was married well new than its future daughter-in-law. The dress of fianc of Diana was commented and well typical of the decade of 1980, with bufantes sleeves.

The dress of fianc of Diana did not save in the opulence, with a tail of 7,5 meters. This was made of Tafet of silk, decorated with embroidered income by hand, lantejoulas and 10,000 pearls. Bouquet also did not save in the size, volumo, sufficiently different of well small Kate that used more modest dress and with bouquet. The marriage of Sarah Ferguson was another one that did not have happy end. It was married Andrew Prince in 1986.

It is as the son of the Queen Elizabeth II and had legalized the divorce in 1992. With the marriage, Sarah Ferguson received the heading from nobility of Duchess of York and the prominence of the occasion was fofssimo page, William Prince to the 5 years of age. The end of the decade of 80 the royalty did not only have no marriage, having the next one in 1994, of Lady Sarah Armstrong-Jones, son of the rebellious Margareth princess (already dead), sister of Elizabeth Queen and, therefore, Lady Sarah is niece of the Queen. Lady Sarah if married a dress of fianc of georgette that it made fame of the estilista Jasper Conran and marked time. Instead of daminha of honor, it preferred to use ladies of grown honors and that they used white dresses (controversial of label, at least here in Brazil). There it are does not have this rigid label that says that the white is exclusive of the fianc. Another real marriage of the decade of 90 was of the heir of Greece (even so the monarchy is extinct there) Pavlos, with Marie-Chantal. They had known in a meeting the dark ones conspired by a friend and two years later them had decided to be married. It became the Orthodox Church and gained one endows with US$ 200 millions of the father to start the life. They say that the marriage was one of most expensive of the history of the royalty, costing about US$ 1,9milhes, of wharves 250 a thousand only are of the dress of fianc, signed for Valentino. The decade of 80 and 90 had marriages that they had been for history as icons of century XX as well as also, of the opponent marriages and also most controversial than they had resulted not so happy.


They seem to lack social politics and you provide necessary for its stability. The action of to age is part of the biological cycle of the life, constitutes a set of modifications in the functional structure of the human body taking the individual to a systematic succession acting only in one alone direction, that is, the organic desestruturao. It is a continuation that surrounds genetic, determinative inheritances hereditary as the destruction of the environment, the age of the individual, type of feeding, workstation and habits of life. Beyond these aggravations, exist other conditions given the social context where the individual belongs affecting its health and its life. The process to take care of of the elderly in family is subordinated to the incorporation of the linkings stops with the proper family, to be able to make use of the proper goods, at any point or different situations perhaps even in the proper way of if relating with the aged one.

To take care of of aged in the context of the family is presumed changeable partner-demographic. One knows that the society passes for metamorphosis in its forms of disposal weighed in the familiar organization, because where the family contemporary restricts each time more the woman, husband and children, even excluding any kinship. who suffers is the aged one that it is felt dismissed of good substances and the affection of the family. Oliveira declares that in the proper social context in which the aged one is victim of discriminations, it she also passes if to feel acuado e, as consequence, loses the initiative and motivation. Valley to stand out that the main subject that involves the Statute of the Aged one is the protection to the individual in its process of aging, the support and the assistance. The articles of the Statute of the Aged one inform and guide on all the familiar duties, of the government, the institutions and each person for attention to the support and the cares of the aged one.

Brazilian Flag

It was the first constructed building to spread out to the world the call Religion of the Humanity. It organized knowing human being, established in science, without theological or Metaphysical chimeras, it distinguished the abstract knowledge from the science of the concrete knowledge of the technology, classified sciences: Mathematics, Astronomy, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Sociology and Moral or Positive Psychology, completing the enciclopdica scale, by means of the foundation of the two last ones. (CHURCH POSITIVISTA IN BRAZIL, 2010). The pretension of the positivista speech found received in the Militarism, that if it used of its proposals to legitimize to the dictatorship and wars in which Brazil participated. In the height of the military civilization the estimated one? Itself vile they pacem for bellum? if you want the peace, you prepare you for the war, based the nationalism, celebrates it phrase ‘ ‘ It loves it or it leaves-o’ ‘.

Amongst the illustrious adepts of the religion if it finds Benjamim Constant, that in day 15 of November of 1889, was recognized as founding of the Republic of Brazil. You already if asked why you are written Order and Progress in our flag? The author of our Flag was apstolo of the Humanity Raymond Teixeira Mendes, based on the religious principles of the Humanity in the formatting of the Brazilian Flag: Its basic motto is ‘ ‘ The Love as a matter of principle and the Order for base; the Progress finally ‘ ‘. Its basic rules are ‘ ‘ To live for outrem’ ‘ ‘ ‘ To live to claras’ ‘.


My customers have the guarantee of that its products will not be apprehended because we do not import illegal products and has the guarantee of that they will not have collection of taxes because we make responsible in them for the taxes, and will have quality products because ours suppliers are reliable. 2 After panning the suppliers is hour to know the sending forms. Basically two main forms used for the great majority of the Dropshipper exist, that is, the intermediadores of importation; Sending for Airmail and express sending through transporters DHL, USP and WITHOUT. For Airmail the sending more is delayed leads about 25 working days delivering in Brazil more also is the less bureaucratic form simplest and. For transporters the great advantage is on to the delivery time, generally varies of 7 the 10 working days, more has a very great disadvantage, the value of the freight is very expensive about $38 for kilo and this burdens the taxes that are charged encima of the value of the product + the value of the freight, without counting that he is much more bureaucratic because the taxes are collected in the hour of the delivery, that is, you fills forms catches the paid guide and later it binds for the transporter pra to make the delivery. Many times depending on the good will of the transporter and the flow of work of the Federal Prescription the time he finishes being close to the 15 working days, and there I ask to who wait 15 days I cannot wait 20 or 25? Good I prefer airmail.

3 the perhaps most important point and of all is the mode of payment: Here an advice mainly for the beginning ones goes, uses the intermediadoras of payment for any purchase made in the Internet. The most known and safer they are: Paypal, PagSeguro, Digital Payment, Moip and Paid Mercado, give preference for the sites that disponibilizam these modes of payment, them are safe and minimize the migraines that can appear in the future. Some as the PagSeguro and the Digital Payment liberate the payment for the salesman in 14 days, more not if it worries, only observes if already the tracing code was sent it and if already it is possible to track it in the site of the post offices, in general rule exactly after the set free payment you will have 45 days to register a claim and to ask for to its money in return case the merchandise does not arrive. Good with everything this if for taking these cares is yes possible to diminish the risks and the pain of head of the importations. Now also you are possible not to have problem some if to matter through people whom already experience has. If to need can matter with us is alone to enter in contact or to have access our site:, I will have an enormous pleasure in helping it.

The History Of The Creed

Creed is a North American band grunge formed in 1995 in the Tallahassee city. After in such a way touching in local bars, the band it decided that it was in the hour to record a record. ' ' My Own Prison' ' it was launched in the year of 1997 and had its production defrayed for the proper members of the band and its relatives. Thanks to this ousadia of the Creed, them they had obtained a contract with a recorder. Since in less of one week the independent album it vendeu about 5000 copies. Recorder Wind-Up Records was made an impression and relaunched the COMPACT DISC, now reconstructed digitally. In one turn North American the band emplacou in first place musics ' ' Torn' ' , ' ' My Own Prison' ' , ' ' What' s This Life For' ' ' ' One' '. Musics of the Creed contained thematic a dramatical one, arriving even though to be depressive at some moments, therefore perhaps called the attention as many young.

With the success, ' ' Human Clay' ' , as the album left in the year of 1999, two years after the first one. Plus a commercial success of the Creed, ' ' Human Clay' ' it earned diverse prizes and are considered by good part of the fans optimum album of the band. Some musics emplacaram in some countries of the world, however &#039 was single; ' With Arms Wide Open' ' that it obtained to conquer the Grammy of ' ' Better Song of Rock' '. After a success album, it is always difficult to launch the next one. In 2001, the Creed showed that its success was not sudden and brought wonderful ' ' Weathered' '. The band considers this, its better album.

She is not difficult to understand the reason, since it contains the classic greater of the band. ' ' My Sacrifice' ' , its main hit, still today is touched in the whole world radios. The last album of the Creed, ' ' Full Circle' ' it was launched in the year of 2009. Although to have done success, nor if it approaches to the previous record. If you like the band, you use to advantage to confer the letters of musics of the Creed in the site ' ' Which is the letter of msica' ' , a site repleto of letters of musics. Thus you can leave singing without none sacrifice.

Mortal Transit

The manufacture in series of vehicles, without a doubt none, brought much development for all we. However with passing of the times and the use of the same ones of total disordered form, many problems are happening in function of the use of the vehicles. The problems go since the lack of road structure, the excess of vehicles in circulation, lack of places for parking, ambient pollution, vehicles passing through in pssimas use conditions, with an enormous potential to cause accidents and to cut with a scythe lives or to become people ss in deficient physics, with serious problems of mobility. Ally all these problems we have the irresponsibility of the drivers who dirigem of inadequate form, either in excess of speed, forced ultratickets, or, worse that this, directing under effect of the alcohol, I propagate transforming it in a lethal weapon, with being able destructive similar to the one he sets of war. The disordered use and irrational of vehicles, also of motorcycles, it also has, affected the use of our hospital system, in detriment of that they need to take care of of its illnesses, beyond overloading the social welfare financially. On the other hand, having the country a transit with as many deaths and as many accidents, whose mark is the violence, does not know, as Girafales professor says, ‘ ‘ why cause, reason, reason or circunstncia’ ‘ the education of transit is not inserted in the pertaining to school education, since more tenra age. In contrast of this, the citizen is without studying nothing of transit the entire life, until the day where she decides to take off a driver’s license, studies a fast course there very, she gets the national wallet of I transit and leaves for there killing the people and barbarizando in the transit. Today we see the social welfare is going to justice to try to recoup of the culprits for the accidents of I transit of the expenditures that the social welfare (SUS) had in the aid the victims of accidents..