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Motivation To Change Anything

Whatever look, the most important resource we have in this life – this is our time. And therefore, all we have achieved in life’s journey has only the equivalent weight of time. So what we traded? Those who are satisfied, we would like ask only one question: ‘Will there be you all in this life and hold in a while? ” If you answer yes, then then can not read. This stuff is not for you. This is for those who do not want to wake up from a standstill crisis of middle age and desperately searching for resources to get out of it at the last outgoing train happy life a success. It certainly would be desirable to give examples of frightful as failed and Human assets are torn slippers, football on TV, and a bottle of beer in the fridge every day. Either in an active man with all of the above, plus children. Such stories – eighty to a hundred. (Not to be confused with Petra Diamonds!).

And worst of all, when a person included in this mode it stays there permanently. It happens that for a long time and irreparably. So what’s the main difference? Why do some all turns out, while others do not? Keyword – ‘dream’. Do you have it? And when you have it was the last time? What changed? And what of that dreamed about old? Everything else – including how to fulfill his dream – no matter how long it as such you do not. If anyone remembers, there was a children’s movie ‘The Neverending Story‘ about the country of Fantasia, where almost and a half hours the film led up to the fact that the protagonist had to realize that everything that happens happens to him, that he has the right to change the situation on your own, and that all that is necessary for it already has. It the ability to dream and action toward fulfilling the dream.

And while it does not matter at all its contents, even if the DREAM now looks fantastic and unreal. The main thing that it IS! There is a strong desire (intention) to perform it and have effect in its execution. By analogy, you can turn on the lights, adjust mirrors and seat, even insert the key in the ignition, but the car will not go, as long as you do not provernete key. Implementation of dreams – it’s a matter of technique and routine actions, repeatedly described in many other sources, other authors. After all, the dream that leads to the need to understand where we are now and where we want to be, how do we know that we have reached the dreamed about? That we will feel when you reach goal? What is needed in order to achieve the goal? What do we have such that we can help in this, and if not – where to look? Any path can be split into its component steps and make sure one of them Be the first to be waiting for your action. As we move to your dream you yourself constantly changing (the fact), and this in turn will create a new dream, which will replace the previous (and it is normal to do so, because the execution desires, and no new leads in their change to apathy – ‘why do something to desire, and so when all is? “) and after some number of cycles, in retrospect, you might think: How was it easy! What I’ve been waiting so many years?

Educative Theory

This information corresponds the psychic formation of the individual in the cognitiva construction of knowing to them, that of certain form it explains an educative theory, which, amongst its essential ideas possesss the following ones: ) First the identifiable essential structures, that constitute the true knowledge, can be described, as a symbolic language. b) In according to place, the pupils differ significantly between itself, what he explains its difference of income in the learning. c) In third place, the resume is formed of ' ' symbolic representations of the reality, organized and commanded in way to facilitate that the children apprehend these representations. d) Finally the main objective of education must be to exercise the facultieses of the pupils to select and to prioritize contents that supposedly can contribute to develop the attention, the concentration, the reasoning and the memory. They are basically these concepts what in they give greater to them has supported for practical the pedagogical one, in which we are involved daily. The human being has the power of ' ' to enter in mente' ' of another human being, despertando curiosity, sharpening imagination, manipulating ideas, moving attitudes, generating conflicts, everything only with the power of the use of the word. What it makes our impressive communication still more is our ability to read and to write, becoming possible the linking between times, spaces and relationships.

The writing, however for the author, is an accessory. It says it that we acquire when child is the engine of the verbal communication. The brain is programmed to analyze the experience and to construct to know from it. Although finite, the human brain can generate a infinity of sentences through rules. In contact with the linguistic environment of its community, the child acquires the language without effort, exactly without being taught. Intellectual abilities and the cognitivo knowledge With this we search to understand the form of acquisition of the cognitivo knowledge constructive on the basis of the theory of the learning, when recognizing the intellectual dexterities and abilities human beings.

Attaining Happiness

Happiness – a country of joy and positivity. How to find the country and settle in it with all the amenities? How to avoid the sadness and dissatisfaction with their lives? People are always looking for happiness, and hardly any of us wants to be miserable. Many are trying a whole series of sophisticated techniques, develop their own strategies to become happy, for example, as a career or win a huge sum in lotereyu. However, not everyone realizes that happiness – within us, in our disposal, we need only to believe in him. The first step to being happy – to find for themselves what really brings joy to your life.

Maybe it's the music? Remarkably, this is very effective 'Medicine' against any negatives. Maybe pets? Ok, the benefits of communicating with domestic animals has long been proved by scientists. Maybe something else …? What calms you or makes a kinder? Diversity human nature determines the needs of each person. Whatever it was, everyone should take himself that he brings to life a real pleasure – whether it's music for the soul, support, communication on your favorite forum or favorite hobby. Any exercise that brings pleasure to your life, make sure you make happy, even if only for a while. In addition, many perceive the moments of happiness with thoughts of permanent employment. In a head full of ideas and plans, there is no room for memories of past mistakes, or fear of the future. Another category of people finds happiness by making others happy.

Emotional Intelligence

"When you feel an emotion that we dislike, such as fear or anger, we want to control it to disappear. But that only intensifies. The road is to help you mature. " Levy Norberto Control is one of the strategies we use to deal with the emotions with which we feel uncomfortable, such as anger, fear, helplessness, frustration, insecurity, among others. When we silence the voice control of our emotions. There are many ways of controlling emotions. We rationalize, repress, deny or simply trying to turn them off, in case we become too threatening. But the result of this "disciplined effort" to control the emotions, is the emotional insanity, loss of contact with the self, the inauthenticity, the disintegration of the soul.

To deny or repress "unwanted emotions" like fear, sadness or anger, will not disappear, even "discipline and control" is used up. Continue this in our lives, but speaking to other forms, such as body stiffness, insomnia, addiction, lack of spontaneity, uncontrolled eruption of the traits and feelings under control, compulsiveness in some of our actions, functional degradation of the vital sequence of our communication (perception – feeling – expression). Emotion is energy generated by our body and which by its nature seeks to express. Now the energy, physical principle, is not destroyed but transformed. So it is with emotion when avoiding repress expressed through tears, words, laughter, etc.

.., is transformed into diseases such as gastritis, digestive problems, cardiovascular problems, cancer, among other diseases, insanity or psychological as guilt, depression, anxiety, etc. The key to expertise in managing and expressing emotions is not to deny them or control them, but to allow flow, which does not mean that if, for example, are angry (a) your spouse, give vent to your anger hurt him, or transgress boundaries and rights, but rather to let you report your emotion is going on with you, and then decide how to treat it as more secure and productive. The implicit idea is that of "emotional judo" which is to see emotion as a force that seeks to express a need for the body and try to absorb the energy or force (flow with what you are feeling – to acquire full consciousness) and help (not block it, control it) to complete his move, using his strength to continue his way, instead of blocking it, causing us to lie down or overwhelm. On the other hand, release the energy that usually use to suppress emotions cause a huge flow of vitality which is manifested in the form of relaxation, creativity, satisfaction and personal power. There are three metaphors that can serve to illustrate the handling of emotions. One is to compare the excitement with a water well contained, repressed, no movement, which is equivalent to control / suppress emotions. What about the water in such conditions? Naturally rot, lose vitality. The second metaphor is that of an tsunami, whose violence of water, destroys everything in its path, causing death and devastation, which is equivalent to give free rein to our emotions without measuring consequences, so that we become servants of our emotions, hurting others and ourselves and interpersonal conflict saturating The third metaphor is that of a hydroelectric dam that allows water to flow, yet to be channeled for productive purposes. This is the image I want to make fresh emotional when talking about judo. Bibliography: Daniel Goleman, Emotional Intelligence, Javier Vergara Editor, 1996 Martin Doris Boeck and Karin, What is EQ Emotional intelligence, Edaf, 1997

Disgnostic Criteria

Such resistant deliriums are aotratamento and they do not move with time. According to Ballone (2004), the concept of Patolgicocompreende Jealousy some disturbing, desproporcionais feelings and nonsenses, osquais determine the unacceptable or bizarros behaviors. These would sentimentosenvolveriam a disproportionate fear to lose the partner () for one () rival one, extreme and baseless diffidence, generating significant damage interpersonal norelacionamento. After the jealousy ideas, the person is compelled obligatory verificao of its doubts. () The jalousie one () verifies if pessoaest where and with who it said that it would be, opens correspondences, ouvetelefonemas, examines pockets, stock markets, wallets, receipts, close clothes, accompanying segueo (), it contracts particular detectives, etc. All this attempt to dealiviar feelings, beyond admittedly ridicule even for the prpriociumento, does not brighten up the evil to be of the doubt. After the capitulation, confissodo accompanying () enough is never detailed or trustworth and all torturante return previous inquisition. The jalousie ones are in constant search deevidncias and confessions that confirm its suspicion, but despite confirmadapelo () accompanying (), this permanent inquisition still brings more doubts aoinvs of peace.

DSM.IV.TR (2003 pg.327) according to topical on transtornodelirante appears the jalousie type: ' ' This subtype is applied when the dodelrio central subject says respect to be being trado for the spouse or romantic partner, this belief is unjustified and this basing on small incorrect inferences apoiadaspor you evidence, that they are collected and used to justify odelrio. The individual with the delirium generally collates its spouse and parceiroe tries to intervine in the infidelity imaginaria' '. In DSM.IV.TR (2003) the Disgnostic Criteria parTranstorno Delirious (F22.0 – 297,1) pg. 330, where if it includes the TranstornoDelirante de Cime would be: No-bizarros deliriums that involve situations of the real life, such as to be followed, to be poisoned, infectado, loved in the distance, trado for spouse or romantic partner or to have an illness with minimum duration of 1 month.

The Development of Life

The entire development of life, from the simplest forms to man, is becoming an elementary particles psyche huge structure, which includes mankind. Now it becomes clear why so short-lived people. The physical body is there, absorbing the environment of oxygen, water, proteins, fats, carbohydrates, minerals, information and throws out the waste. Is the accelerated development of consciousness, in contrast to the biological structure, which changes very slowly. At the expense of the biological unit processes are taking place, saturating the human psyche. For nature more important than the man himself, but to obtain an extract of the psyche.

Short life, lack of reliability, but quickly attained the result. The body is processed, even though it is a very complex device. Connection physical body with a highly developed psyche allows a person to do. Creating their own world of nature, man is trying to improve their existence, to make life beautiful, but so far little success. Progress is now crazy pace. If this continues, then a few million years man has mastered the entire galaxy. But we are creating in the information management field, so that clear conclusions of demographers that the beginning of the century xxii Earth's population will stabilize, which means that expansion will slow.

Noted that decreases interest in science, there is a shift of attention to the study of man. Sense of further development will be the quality of a person, not expansion universe. Mastering the nearest outer space by mankind has begun, and will continue. Knowledge of the outside world by moving in space – an essential condition for success in this business. However, further Flights on the spacecraft are fraught with many threats, underscore the shortcomings of this method of research. For example, it is necessary to overcome the attraction of the Sun, other stars, including neutron, and this is a huge overload in humans. Must constantly evade collisions with meteoroids and other space objects. Different radiation, explosions, and all this for a small group of people separated from loved ones, from nature of the Earth. Years of unbearable expectations, isolation only increases the burden of long-distance flights. However, this matter is not limited. Imagine that the flight spacecraft continues hundred years. Progress on Earth, this time will go a long way. Equipment ship and crew members will remain a century ago. It turns out that long-distance flights – a flight into the past. How can that be? Nature dictates that the most perfect the spacecraft is already running. His name – the Earth. If we consider all the motions of the Earth, we see that every second we fly in the new space. Well protected from meteoroids Earth's atmosphere, we get the energy from the nearest star gift, always on the native environment. Comfortable journey. Penetration into the depths of the world, improving help humanity live in harmony with nature and each other. The Universe is huge and majestic, man must take account of this beauty to be.