Such resistant deliriums are aotratamento and they do not move with time. According to Ballone (2004), the concept of Patolgicocompreende Jealousy some disturbing, desproporcionais feelings and nonsenses, osquais determine the unacceptable or bizarros behaviors. These would sentimentosenvolveriam a disproportionate fear to lose the partner () for one () rival one, extreme and baseless diffidence, generating significant damage interpersonal norelacionamento. After the jealousy ideas, the person is compelled obligatory verificao of its doubts. () The jalousie one () verifies if pessoaest where and with who it said that it would be, opens correspondences, ouvetelefonemas, examines pockets, stock markets, wallets, receipts, close clothes, accompanying segueo (), it contracts particular detectives, etc. All this attempt to dealiviar feelings, beyond admittedly ridicule even for the prpriociumento, does not brighten up the evil to be of the doubt. After the capitulation, confissodo accompanying () enough is never detailed or trustworth and all torturante return previous inquisition. The jalousie ones are in constant search deevidncias and confessions that confirm its suspicion, but despite confirmadapelo () accompanying (), this permanent inquisition still brings more doubts aoinvs of peace.

DSM.IV.TR (2003 pg.327) according to topical on transtornodelirante appears the jalousie type: ' ' This subtype is applied when the dodelrio central subject says respect to be being trado for the spouse or romantic partner, this belief is unjustified and this basing on small incorrect inferences apoiadaspor you evidence, that they are collected and used to justify odelrio. The individual with the delirium generally collates its spouse and parceiroe tries to intervine in the infidelity imaginaria' '. In DSM.IV.TR (2003) the Disgnostic Criteria parTranstorno Delirious (F22.0 – 297,1) pg. 330, where if it includes the TranstornoDelirante de Cime would be: No-bizarros deliriums that involve situations of the real life, such as to be followed, to be poisoned, infectado, loved in the distance, trado for spouse or romantic partner or to have an illness with minimum duration of 1 month.