Probably after the commented real marriage more, after the one of Kate Middleton and Prncipe William it was of the parents of the fianc, Diana and Prncipe Charles, in 1981. It enters the commented item more is the dress of fianc of Diana and its beauty and youth at the time. This was considered the marriage icon of century XX, that unhappyly it did not have a happy end. Different of the marriage of Kate Middleton, Diana had noble origins and was married well new than its future daughter-in-law. The dress of fianc of Diana was commented and well typical of the decade of 1980, with bufantes sleeves.

The dress of fianc of Diana did not save in the opulence, with a tail of 7,5 meters. This was made of Tafet of silk, decorated with embroidered income by hand, lantejoulas and 10,000 pearls. Bouquet also did not save in the size, volumo, sufficiently different of well small Kate that used more modest dress and with bouquet. The marriage of Sarah Ferguson was another one that did not have happy end. It was married Andrew Prince in 1986.

It is as the son of the Queen Elizabeth II and had legalized the divorce in 1992. With the marriage, Sarah Ferguson received the heading from nobility of Duchess of York and the prominence of the occasion was fofssimo page, William Prince to the 5 years of age. The end of the decade of 80 the royalty did not only have no marriage, having the next one in 1994, of Lady Sarah Armstrong-Jones, son of the rebellious Margareth princess (already dead), sister of Elizabeth Queen and, therefore, Lady Sarah is niece of the Queen. Lady Sarah if married a dress of fianc of georgette that it made fame of the estilista Jasper Conran and marked time. Instead of daminha of honor, it preferred to use ladies of grown honors and that they used white dresses (controversial of label, at least here in Brazil). There it are does not have this rigid label that says that the white is exclusive of the fianc. Another real marriage of the decade of 90 was of the heir of Greece (even so the monarchy is extinct there) Pavlos, with Marie-Chantal. They had known in a meeting the dark ones conspired by a friend and two years later them had decided to be married. It became the Orthodox Church and gained one endows with US$ 200 millions of the father to start the life. They say that the marriage was one of most expensive of the history of the royalty, costing about US$ 1,9milhes, of wharves 250 a thousand only are of the dress of fianc, signed for Valentino. The decade of 80 and 90 had marriages that they had been for history as icons of century XX as well as also, of the opponent marriages and also most controversial than they had resulted not so happy.