WordPress – a content management system, which mainly use bloggers. This system is very active in developing every day and every day hundreds of open blogs. Well, in this article, I want to draw attention to the comments of WordPress. Why no comments? Earlier blogs were one-sided communication, there is only a blogger could write his notes, which are read by users. With the development of Internet blogs began to develop, and the opportunity comment.

Commenting need to communicate bloggers and subscribers. In the comments people have expressed their point of view, and in response, blogger expresses his opinion. Implementation. Now I'm blogging on WordPress 3.0.1 and realized there form of comments. It is simple and functional.

Well, since when more functional, it's much better? That is why I decided to use the plugin to Disqus, which adds many features to the standard comments. You can manage comments through your e-mail, there is support for importing existing comments excellent moderation, powerful spam filtering, as well as subscribe to comments. Struggle spam. With the advent of high-quality comments, and there are bad comments, which are usually referred to as SPAM. They actively send out the spammers who try to advance, so their sites. Perhaps, before it worked, well Now, as a minimum, this method does not work, well, bad comments become more and more. For a good fight against spam, I use two plug-ins – Akismet and WP-spam free. Data sharing plugin helps to get rid of spam 100%. Dear bloggers, to interact in the comments, but please write interesting comments, as the authors might think it's spam, your comment will not moderated. And of course, set himself on a blog plug-ins that I recommended for you.