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WordPress – a content management system, which mainly use bloggers. This system is very active in developing every day and every day hundreds of open blogs. Well, in this article, I want to draw attention to the comments of WordPress. Why no comments? Earlier blogs were one-sided communication, there is only a blogger could write his notes, which are read by users. With the development of Internet blogs began to develop, and the opportunity comment.

Commenting need to communicate bloggers and subscribers. In the comments people have expressed their point of view, and in response, blogger expresses his opinion. Implementation. Now I'm blogging on WordPress 3.0.1 and realized there form of comments. It is simple and functional.

Well, since when more functional, it's much better? That is why I decided to use the plugin to Disqus, which adds many features to the standard comments. You can manage comments through your e-mail, there is support for importing existing comments excellent moderation, powerful spam filtering, as well as subscribe to comments. Struggle spam. With the advent of high-quality comments, and there are bad comments, which are usually referred to as SPAM. They actively send out the spammers who try to advance, so their sites. Perhaps, before it worked, well Now, as a minimum, this method does not work, well, bad comments become more and more. For a good fight against spam, I use two plug-ins – Akismet and WP-spam free. Data sharing plugin helps to get rid of spam 100%. Dear bloggers, to interact in the comments, but please write interesting comments, as the authors might think it's spam, your comment will not moderated. And of course, set himself on a blog plug-ins that I recommended for you.

Google Site Maps

This method reduces the fine to register your site entirely. Personally, I like to use this way: any change in your pages tells Yahoo, which pages need to reindex the first place. Google uses the same technology facilitates searching the remaining pages of your website. Google has called it Google Site Maps. However, this topic is for another article.

On this chances are you can find out by reading the information on the official site eh. Google has this procedure is slightly different from that sale on Yahoo. Follow their instructions. If this is for you to be too complicated, you can contact the webmaster or SEO-specialist who is familiar with the matter. Where to register? I would recommend that you register your pages in major search engines themselves.

However, there are certain services that are can do for you, that pretty well save you time. I file my pages in the following search engines: Google; Yahoo; MSN. To register with Yahoo, you must first register them. Do not worry if you do not see their results instantly. The site typically appears in search results: In MSN – 6 weeks, in Yahoo – 8-12 weeks, in Google – 3 months (although you are unlikely to get any significant traffic from Google during the first year, however, continue to work. Davnosuschestvuyuschie sites receive from Google 70-90% of search traffic). Also, if you have installed Alexa Toolbar, please send it to your web site and click the Info button on the toolbar. Then, you will need to complete information about your site. Once registered, you can see through the ranking of your site. There are rumors that Google is considering a description of your site's Alexa in his quest, so be sure that the description your site's most relevant site. You should also submit your site to the directory This is a great catalog, which is controlled by people. Links from this catalog give greater weight to your site. Also during the registration directories to select the most relevant category for your site. Also, write the address of the directory where you plan to publish a link to your website. Some directories provide good back links to your site. Others (such as and give high relevancy of your pages in search engines. Once you become familiar with these catalogs, it is also desirable to find directories that converge on the topics on your site. Search engines and directories does not always guarantee a good ranking of your website. This is the first step. You give this world to know about yourself. Avoid automatic submission of your site to thousands of non-thematic directories and catalogs with automatic registration of thousands of other directories. It is perceived as search engine spam, for this may be followed by severe penalties from search engines. They can give you a lot backlinks, but they are temporary. Do not be boring! Sincerely, Igor Geld

WordPress Panel

So, first we need to set up a local Webserver, in this case, Denver. Denver assembly and installation instructions to take here. To work correctly, and WordPress plug-ins must install Zend Optimizer, and additional extensions – mbstring, curl. Create a Z: WebServershomelocalhostwww folder wp_2.7.1. Copy the assembly there WordPress, build number and language of your choice, I took a v. 2.7.1 – English version.

Of course you could take an old version of the proven, because we just got used to 2.6 and now on a new approach but I want something – anything new. Well, you know, fix vulnerabilities, etc. And so drastically changed the admin! Here is an overview of this version: stextbox id = 'custom' caption = 'Review' The new administration panel, and now navigation bar located on the left hand, and the upper part will be used by the authors of plug-ins to display the navigation plug-ins and their parameters. Each block in the ACP will be able to edit, now you'll be able to adjust content widgets. Now, in the administration panel, a new window called the rapid publication, but for writing a post in this box, you can not assign a category to record. Therefore, faster of this function is suitable for creating drafts in your blog. Also, a window will appear Inbox, possibly in a new version of WordPress, communicate with the author of the blog will not only via E-Mail or ICQ, but through self WordPress. The upper part of the panel Administration made a similar panel on blogs, there was My Account link that leads to your profile.

Flash Banners

Be sure to hide all the links on the site in script or flash banners. Hide your links and also in Pictures (remember the big picture) and do not try to sign them this stupid tag alt. Bad advice 6. Remove navigation links to the main page. From the main page should be only one reference to the second page. With the second page to third.

From the third to the fourth page. And so it goes on all the pages that you have. This is especially useful when more than 100 pages. In this case, your website will be exactly indexed to infinity long that You actually need. After working with the site, you can now proceed to an “external” factors that you, I know, very unpleasant.

That also applies to external factors? In the most immediate is the number of inbound links to your site, and well as their quality. It is with these bitter enemies and have to fight. Well continue on. Bad advice 7. The number of inbound links to your site is very easy to destroy a simple way. Simply nowhere and never register your site. How would you not ask about it. Once you sign up, so immediately or almost immediately appear external link, and suddenly somebody on it would pass, but it you want? Bad advice 8. Quality inbound links so is your worst enemy. Like grease in the wheel or door, which makes it impossible to enjoy a pleasant squeak. If all the external links still appear, then let them be the worst. For example, “redirektnye” references are those that do not lead directly to your site, or by whom. The text in the links ‘anchor’, it is not to be associated with the theme of your site and especially not contain “keywords”. You remember how terrible for you keywords? Harmful council number 9. If suddenly there are these vile links to your site, then let them be from sites quite similar to your topic. Better yet, the directories where all the link at all, or just saying “linkopomoyki.” Oh, this is for you even very well when the link goes to hell knows where. Bad advice number 10. Finally, one last advice for today. If you do not want your site and prosperity do not like it by all means, create it for free hosting preferably from the site, which is the same as you do not like your site and you will be happy. Here, perhaps, a dozen major “bad advice” for not a fan of their site. If suddenly happen to you well, at least just because of the interest want, how you move your life to “prominent” place, in this case simply do everything differently. And the fact that it was written here, remember, and always do exactly the opposite. And you will be happy, though not such as negative sense … Avelino Bahtuzin. Widgets. Download widget.

Blogger Platform

In previous articles we skimmed the section on the most important settings of Blogger. Now, as you can see I also have a process redesign, so the theme templates for Blogger blogs on the service for me doubly relevant. In general, the design of the site – something It is important, but more importantly to make sure that all this stuff to function properly, Georgia, and created content for months, but disappeared in the blink of an eye. I will not give any recommendations on the choice of design for the blog, it all depends of his subject and personal preference, but at least it should not be wild and suitable for the visitor. With templates, we have 2 options: 1) Use the standard template. The choice of course is not very large, but in general it is enough to choose for itself something decent. Obvious advantage of the pre-defined template – it is fully compatible, as a consequence of complete absence of bugs and potential problems.

On the downside can be attributed, again not a very large selection is not particularly fashionable choices and lack of three columnar patterns. 2) Use of third-party templates. Here the choice is already posuschestvenney. There are a bunch as a 2-and 3-columnar options for every taste and color. Several sites, where they can watch and download for free: This is a plus. Disadvantages can also block all, and you curse that was contacted. Because the correct operation and full compatibility is not guaranteed by anyone.

Can put a cool pattern, resulting in some of the content will be gone forever, part of the curve will be displayed, in general, the trouble. The process often painful, that's my second day on the blog chaos and ruin, gradually navozhu order and quote everything back to normal. Tips for using templates: 1) Start with the classic template and see how everything works, start to fill in the blog content, if satisfied with some of the standard, and it will stop. 2) Before you change the template, and in general to make any other major changes, ALWAYS! Back up the CODE. You can do it in the tab "Layout". 3) If you want to use a custom template is better not to wait 100 posts so far accumulated. 4) If there is a "left" is not the main blog, where you can experiment – it is better first to try in experimental. 5) Some sites have reviews of patterns, sometimes worth a look. 6) If Blog instructed bunch of widgets and you decide to change the design, expect problems. The bulk of the widgets will simply disappear, that the process was easier, as I do – save the text file code for each desired widget, then will easily return everything back into place. 7) Do not change patterns frequently. There is no good what. Web site design (the blog) – a part of your personal brand. A Coca-Cola logo redesign every week does not. 8) Naplyuyte in all directions except the number 2, if normally versed in CSS / XHTML. Although in this case, you probably do not need other people's templates, you can make your own. In principle, all the tips. Some may think that "hell worse than he is painted," in fact it's not so bad, but if this thing started, usually have to tinker. The most important thing is to make backup copies, in principle, one that is enough to not amass great adventures on your ass. Successful experiments you!