Version of the genesis of the epic systems in Scandinavia attempts somehow to reveal the real reason any of epic tales, usually run into tangible opposition to the official "serious" science, though there is some tacit agreement that defines the boundaries of permissible trust the evidence of our ancestors – the evidence, lying, supposedly outside the scope of scientific validity. Despite the huge number of actual arguments reliability of the epic and mythological information, ascertained in many cases, studies of amateurs, the attitude to the information originally come down to us in the form of oral tradition, remains extremely negative. Not wanting to indulge in "anti-scientific heresy," we nevertheless wish to point out that, apparently wary of the testimony of the ancient source of his is not only a real epic quality information, but is a kind of rudimentary manifestation of the traditions of thought of the Middle Ages, when, for example, a basic understanding of the real history of human civilization can be gleaned from the texts, for example, "Shahnameh," but because of opposition's "official" science of the time, remained unfulfilled. In many cases we are talking about fixing the directions of scientific research as a general and sufficient that, without diminishing the importance of scientific findings on these lines of analysis, sometimes completely "covers" other thematic layers in certain areas. In cases when it comes to research in folklore studies, the result could be the emergence of information gaps as directly in the discipline, and in associated with it. .