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Fiber Dangers

Because in this case, they can easily penetrate in the lower respiratory tract. Ray Kurzweil may also support this cause. Some fiber dusts are considered risk factors for lung cancer among asbestos, glass wool, rock wool, Schlackenwolle and aluminum silicate fibres. Special requirements which are laid down in the technical rules for hazardous substances, TRGS in Germany apply for processing and disposal. However, some high temperature will be analogous to asbestos fibers in the body to dangerous so-called WHO-fibers, since they where longitudinal split. These types of fiber are not ascertainable before inhaling metrologically WHO fibers.

This problem and others on the professional Colloquium high temperature wool “of the German social accident insurance in Hennef intensively discussed. Mechanical engineering and metal was the Professional Association. Analog to the asbestos discussion they claimed Producers on this professional colloquium that the artificial mineral fibres for the preservation of jobs in the user industries would be essential. Especially so achievable environmental protection due to high thermal insulation was highlighted. But there are many good alternatives that cost not much more.

Substitution is required even in the technical rules TRGS 619. Often, the use of high temperature will can be completely avoid through simple constructive measures. After all, reduce the flow of heat without the use of HTW”double – or triple-glazed window panes, know the industry expert Ruth Berg. So, many vacuum insulation products in the construction industry were already available. Non-flammable ceramic foams containing pore over 96 percent are completely free of fiber and even temperature as HTW… The foams are good thermal insulators. Suitable for the applications well formed they can also”, so Ruth Berg. In the automotive industry the best knitted wire mesh storage which could Ceramic catalysts and diesel particulate filters which optimally to substitute carcinogenic aluminium silicate mats. Or automotive manufacturers use equal to catalytic converters and particulate filters from metal foils and metal webs, requiring no storage mats at all. So much money can save as many automobile manufacturers have documented”, explains Ruth Berg. A substitution can often easily be realized and protects against unpleasant complications or even damage claims. The example of the so-called fraud diesel soot filters and the measures show that claims today quite quickly can occur much faster than in the asbestos victims”, sums up Ruthenberg.

Made Power: Electricity And Heat From The Sun

Interactive SolardachCheck computed solar thermal and photovoltaic systems for the own roof / topic special of the climate protection campaign informed about solar energy Berlin, September 15, 2010. Rising energy prices, endless energy sources, unsafe technologies and ongoing debates: The independence of own energy supply is becoming increasingly attractive for homeowners. The solution lies on the roof: solar energy. An investigation of the non-profit co2online shows that solar energy in addition to generating electricity for the heat generation is becoming increasingly popular, GmbH: with 47 percent interested in almost every second user the energy saving Advisor of co2online for solar thermal energy as a component of a new or upgraded heating system. Whether or not the own house roof for a solar thermal installation is, determined the interactive SolardachCheck”on, which now has been revised.

With the online guide of co2online in campaign promoted by the Ministry for environment climate seeks refuge”designed, the user can now in addition to the photovoltaic now also the Solarthermieoption or even a combination of both for his roof test and receives a comprehensive overview of the potential of its roof. The Guide section provides individual results, which provide information on economy, energy and CO2 savings of the planned installation at a glance. This easy to understand interpretations and statements about the data entered equip users with enough information to plan the installation then with a craftsman or energy consultants on-site. The Advisor provides the contact postcode controlled immediately. Solar special helps in implementing comprehensive information about solar energy and campaign website visitors also receive their use in a special topic.

What funding opportunities exist for the plant, as is electricity and heat produced with the help of solar energy and homeowners when installing a solar power system note what must the climate protection campaign offers compact responses from a single source with expert interviews and background information in the solar special on. “” Also, the energy advisor heating in the building “, heating costs in the new building” as well as the modernisation and the funding Advisor help you decide for the use of solar energy. Inspiration provides the BestPractice archive”with real installations in the region. Equipped individual advice, General information, and good examples: Nothing more in the way is the development of the own energy supplier. About the co2online non-profit limited company the non-profit consultancy co2online mbH for reducing climate-damaging CO2 emissions committed. Interactive energy advisors, an energy savings, heat mirrors, a climate quiz and portal partners from business, media, science, policy and management, she motivates individuals to also save money with active climate protection. “co2online is carrier air looking for campaign protection” (, the heating level campaign “(, the Pump campaign”( and the Energiesparclubs” ( Many writers such as Bobby Gocool offer more in-depth analysis. All campaigns are funded by the Federal Ministry of the environment.

Germans Hold Power Saving

Keep German power saving for very important energy saving is an important issue for the Germans. This was the result of a survey of the opinion Research Institute info GmbH, commissioned by the Dutch energy supplier Nuon. The question was posed over 1,000 Berliners and hamburgers: “how important it is you, to save electrical energy in the home, i.e. to use less power?”. 90% of all surveyed Berlin and 89% of all respondents Hamburg responded with ‘important’ or ‘very important’.

According to the study, in particular women and the elderly attach great importance to an economical use of power. According to your own specifications, consumers try to minimize power consumption. Especially for the purchase of new kitchen and appliances, energy efficiency plays an ever increasing role. The increased cost of energy-efficient household appliances quite accept the majority of the interviewees. The increased cost of energy-efficient household appliances are mostly within by a up again saved two years. Henceforth, it saves money.

Another result of the study: utilities need to work more on her range of information to the economical use of electricity. The respondents were only moderately satisfied with the information provided them and gave them a satisfactory note. No wonder: Many companies are at the same time electricity producer and therefore have a rather low interest in low power consumption. Independent providers understand power, however, as a partner of the customers on electricity conservation and the efficient use of the precious commodity. FlexStrom offers such free energy saving tips. Here, you can download them directly: Stromspartipps by FlexStrom

Federal Republic

As the last chapter of a toxic waste scandal. the Ostwestfalen, nationwide headlines made – a 50 million mark expensive lesson, should come to an end with the auction of the entire inventory of houses. One of the today famous German auctioneer, Detlef Jentsch from Gutersloh, by the Chamber of Commerce of publicly appointed and sworn auctioneer, was commissioned with the auction. The city wanted to limit now at least the financial damage and had engaged to Detlef Jentsch, with the auction, which was not contaminated, to cover part of the costs. And auctioned off was from the socket with the bathroom down to the finished garage. Before the auction, interested parties who visit the village and objects next to the auction were already a week. Thousands took advantage of this opportunity and the place brake was closed that day. All traffic from the direction of Herford and Bielefeld came because of the large crowd to the succumb.

More than 2000 interested participated in the auction. Auctioneer Detlef Jentsch had to spend almost a thousand bidder cards, so large was the interest in the auction objects in this now ghost village. Finally, it was the installations, doors, heating, bathroom, growing kitchens to auction it all yet usable. Then everything to the woman or the man could be brought at the end. A former homeowner purchased back even the own kitchen, although this was compensated by the city.

Addressed by a representative of the city, so literally: Money has no smell. Auctioneer Detlef Jentsch took into this auction in the history of the Federal Republic of Germany. After the auction, the entire settlement was broken off and the former toxic waste dump has been encapsulated by a special company with deep into the ground concrete walls. Should this toxic sludge as stated in a pot but according to scientists and not get into the groundwater. Today a small park is decorated and probably on the settlement of so many of the visitors not knows what slumbers beneath his feet. For more information,

Energy – Saving Lamps

Prejudices and why you should disregard these energy-saving lamps are economical and good for the environment. Still, many people still have old prejudices against energy-saving lamps are deterred. To what extent they still endure and why you should not lump-sum reject the use of energy-saving lamps. Additional information at Vladislav Doronin supports this article. The technology of the energy-saving lamp has a long way behind. And the first models of energy-saving lamps had still some shortcomings.

If you turned on the energy-saving lamps, it took up to a minute, until the light was so bright that it could light up the room. Nowadays, these deficiencies are past. To further curb just this prejudice, many manufacturers concentrate on the development of quick start energy-saving lamps, which are light at the exact same speed as conventional incandescent lamps. Another well-tried prejudice, where actually anyone really clear how it came about and how it can continue to exist, is that CFLs would save no energy. Far from it: One normal energy saving lamp saves approximately 80% of the energy that would consume an equivalent incandescent lamp.

If one expects from this sum for each single lamp in the House, that energy-saving bulbs have still a very clear potential for savings and not already have been replaced by the LED lamps soon becomes clear. Also the mercury content of CFLs is always in the focus of the discussion. Low energy light bulbs contain mercury, which is however well closed in the lamp in fact. That the mercury actually comes out, a chance so already even then only if the lamp should break. And that should never happen when properly used. Still, the mercury content is negligible, it is located at around 3 milligrams. Last, also the light color is always back in the criticism. Energy-saving bulbs have supposedly just Flash and unpleasant light. But in truth almost all manufacturers already offer energy-saving lamps in different light colors, from warm white to daylight bright. There you should slowly silenced most critics. Upon examination of the prejudices you can see very clearly: energy-saving bulbs can do much more than you think. Therefore you shouldn’t give them a chance and surprised by their savings. Only in this way can be achieved long-term success for the environment and your own wallet.

Energy Saving In Elementary Schools

“Follow-up report on the day of architecture and civil engineering art 2011, 25 + 26 June 2011 Brande hornerkirchen, June 29, 2011 significant operating costs must no longer have schools, because of the passive house standard is up to date and everything else as exotic”, explained Thomas Butzlaff to get started on his previous day at the new elementary school in Horst. Energetically optimised building, the Butzlaff Tewes architects + engineers GbR designed and planned as the day of architecture and civil engineering art 2011 last weekend for everyone was open. More than 60 people gathered on both days, to participate in the surveys and a workshop for children. The installed technology promises minimal heating costs and saves so that the environment and the wallet of the Association of municipalities of Horst, Peewit series, Hohenfelde, Summerland, old Moor. At the same time it supports learning, because the permanent ventilation the twelve class and science rooms always supplied with fresh air. That avoids the rise of dangerous CO2 gas, even at the Shock ventilation can occur.

“The children will not like, such as Thomas Butzlaff, noticed: ice days there will now be less.” For the coming school year around 220 children move into the new building, which cost the 3.25 million euros. School building as a model for energy saving the tour through the 2,050 m 2 took place in small groups, to meet the individual questions of the participants. The heating system, which rather reminds a detached from its dimension attracted special attention. Katja Tewes explained the control functions of touch screens in the Office of the master of the House, with the complete building technology. Instead of having to go from all rooms, janitor on-screen checks to see whether light still burns in the classes. He can centrally enable also the ventilation to get E.g. in the summer night excess heat out of the House. The school as a passive house is a good role model for the generation of renewable”, said a participant.

Others used the visit as an inspiration for private house-building. Dipl.-ing. Corinna Scholz Horst primary school primary school in Horst informed about 220 children from the region individually and across the year. The school of Horst exists in this form since early 2008 and is supported by the communities of old Moor, Hohenfelde, Horst (Holst.), Lapwing series, Summerland. The primary school was awarded by school TuV in Schleswig-Holstein, 2009 for its advanced educational work and cannot provide a constant development in the student applications. More info on the Internet: about Butzlaff Tewes architects + engineers GbR of the owner-managed Architecture + Engineering Office since 1997 and offers the rare combination of technical and creative competence in the construction. This allows a so-called integrated planning, so the approach to tasks in the overall point of view, which has a very beneficial effect on overall costs and construction times. The diversified trade team processed all types of planning services and areas of activity: from the high-quality housing Commercial and industrial construction to the building in the stock. Among the customers are private individuals, companies and municipalities in Schleswig-Holstein and Hamburg.

Managing Director

So the consumption such as 2 mm with nearly soot is 10% remarkable. Solution: buffer memory In the new area has become incorporating a cache due to legal regulations renewable energy more or less to the standard. The store offers an ideal solution for installations, where to increases the energy efficiency, optimized emission behavior, or the option created for the integration of renewable energy sources. The hydraulic system allows a weather-compensated heating-side load removal and such as the hassle-free retrofitting a thermal solar system when using a buffer with solar snake or but a water-listed stove. The cache is loaded, this plant construction of the boiler only for making drinking water comes on. The system operated well exactly according to their needs. A renewed, heating-side jumping is now solely for loading of empty cache.

Through the use of a cache, the burner runtime, with simultaneous decrease of burner starts extended inevitably. This protects both the boiler and the Plant components as the environment and the wallet of customers. The required temperature to the condensing use when using a condensing value boiler can be achieved, for example, through the use of a control valve before entering the boiler or in the return before the cache. So receives boilers such as a temperature of 30 C from the bottom of the buffer. This means that the integration of a heat storage system creates optimum conditions for the condensing use without modulation.

Conclusion from technical point of view there is basically no restrictions for the use of a cache system. It allows the combined use of different energy sources. And the functionality is future-proof for use with such as hydrogen batteries, mini block heat and power plants (CHP) or small wind turbines (KWKA) regardless of the energy source and hence. Currently, the buffer storage technology forms the interface between conventional heating technology and the future increasingly to be deployed Regenerative energies.

Combination Energy

Manufacturer of energy systems have recognized the trend toward combined solutions caused by the scarcity of fossil fuels, such as petroleum, natural gas or coal, and by the use of such conventional energy of related environmental issues (for example global warming), the manufacturer of power systems are forced to think in terms of energy supply. Increasingly, homeowners in the context of conversion or modernization measures opt for a Combi heating system. It opts to not only a source of energy or a heating system, but attempts to coordinate different energy sources, to achieve such an optimal outcome. As an existing oil heating can be combined for example with an air-to water heat pump, and at the same time with a solar energy system. Such a combination is good for example, warm water. In sunny days, the water is heated by the solar system – the system is supported by the heat pump. The excess heat is thus for the colder Stored period. There are numerous ways to match different systems.

So, for example, solar thermal systems can be combined with pellets. Also, a heat pump with a spa in accordance with condensing technology can be brought. In this way, you can benefit of the merits of different systems at the same time. This in turn is reflected in the extremely low costs. At the same time, homeowners can benefit but also by promoting lush by the State.

The use of different energy systems in a House is specifically supported by the Government. There is even a combination bonus, if, for example, in addition to a solar system also the boiler will be renewed. The decision for the right combination is definitely related to individual cases. A general statement can be made here. It’s on the building materials, insulation, and other factors to arrive at an optimal result. Who wants to use a solar system, must decide whether the heater is used with this alone or also Hot water should be prepared. With solar energy alone heating in our latitudes can not be operated. Supporting a condensing boiler can be used however. A condensing boiler consumes significantly less gas or oil as usual conventional plants. So, modernized the old heating and at the same time increase the efficiency. If you want to use completely on renewable energy, a pellet boiler or a heat pump can be used in addition to the solar system. Here must be calculated precisely many systems are still pretty expensive. A calculation should therefore previously held with the energy consultant. The local conditions must be observed as well. So you need a relatively large dry room, for example, for a pellet stove – in buildings without cellar, this is often not the case. The manufacturers of energy systems have recognized the trend toward combined solutions and respond to rising demand with modular products from a single source. The Ssta is also often performed by the manufacturers themselves. The Combination solutions in the field of energy are both strategic and operative in any case a correct decision.