As the last chapter of a toxic waste scandal. the Ostwestfalen, nationwide headlines made – a 50 million mark expensive lesson, should come to an end with the auction of the entire inventory of houses. One of the today famous German auctioneer, Detlef Jentsch from Gutersloh, by the Chamber of Commerce of publicly appointed and sworn auctioneer, was commissioned with the auction. The city wanted to limit now at least the financial damage and had engaged to Detlef Jentsch, with the auction, which was not contaminated, to cover part of the costs. And auctioned off was from the socket with the bathroom down to the finished garage. Before the auction, interested parties who visit the village and objects next to the auction were already a week. Thousands took advantage of this opportunity and the place brake was closed that day. All traffic from the direction of Herford and Bielefeld came because of the large crowd to the succumb.

More than 2000 interested participated in the auction. Auctioneer Detlef Jentsch had to spend almost a thousand bidder cards, so large was the interest in the auction objects in this now ghost village. Finally, it was the installations, doors, heating, bathroom, growing kitchens to auction it all yet usable. Then everything to the woman or the man could be brought at the end. A former homeowner purchased back even the own kitchen, although this was compensated by the city.

Addressed by a representative of the city, so literally: Money has no smell. Auctioneer Detlef Jentsch took into this auction in the history of the Federal Republic of Germany. After the auction, the entire settlement was broken off and the former toxic waste dump has been encapsulated by a special company with deep into the ground concrete walls. Should this toxic sludge as stated in a pot but according to scientists and not get into the groundwater. Today a small park is decorated and probably on the settlement of so many of the visitors not knows what slumbers beneath his feet. For more information,