“Follow-up report on the day of architecture and civil engineering art 2011, 25 + 26 June 2011 Brande hornerkirchen, June 29, 2011 significant operating costs must no longer have schools, because of the passive house standard is up to date and everything else as exotic”, explained Thomas Butzlaff to get started on his previous day at the new elementary school in Horst. Energetically optimised building, the Butzlaff Tewes architects + engineers GbR designed and planned as the day of architecture and civil engineering art 2011 last weekend for everyone was open. More than 60 people gathered on both days, to participate in the surveys and a workshop for children. The installed technology promises minimal heating costs and saves so that the environment and the wallet of the Association of municipalities of Horst, Peewit series, Hohenfelde, Summerland, old Moor. At the same time it supports learning, because the permanent ventilation the twelve class and science rooms always supplied with fresh air. That avoids the rise of dangerous CO2 gas, even at the Shock ventilation can occur.

“The children will not like, such as Thomas Butzlaff, noticed: ice days there will now be less.” For the coming school year around 220 children move into the new building, which cost the 3.25 million euros. School building as a model for energy saving the tour through the 2,050 m 2 took place in small groups, to meet the individual questions of the participants. The heating system, which rather reminds a detached from its dimension attracted special attention. Katja Tewes explained the control functions of touch screens in the Office of the master of the House, with the complete building technology. Instead of having to go from all rooms, janitor on-screen checks to see whether light still burns in the classes. He can centrally enable also the ventilation to get E.g. in the summer night excess heat out of the House. The school as a passive house is a good role model for the generation of renewable”, said a participant.

Others used the visit as an inspiration for private house-building. Dipl.-ing. Corinna Scholz Horst primary school primary school in Horst informed about 220 children from the region individually and across the year. The school of Horst exists in this form since early 2008 and is supported by the communities of old Moor, Hohenfelde, Horst (Holst.), Lapwing series, Summerland. The primary school was awarded by school TuV in Schleswig-Holstein, 2009 for its advanced educational work and cannot provide a constant development in the student applications. More info on the Internet: gsopdehost.de about Butzlaff Tewes architects + engineers GbR of the owner-managed Architecture + Engineering Office since 1997 and offers the rare combination of technical and creative competence in the construction. This allows a so-called integrated planning, so the approach to tasks in the overall point of view, which has a very beneficial effect on overall costs and construction times. The diversified trade team processed all types of planning services and areas of activity: from the high-quality housing Commercial and industrial construction to the building in the stock. Among the customers are private individuals, companies and municipalities in Schleswig-Holstein and Hamburg.