Still in construction of the profile of the pupils, was questioned the reason had opted to the related institute and why to attend a course the technician in farming. The pupils had been questioned still regarding its future pretensions, had evaluated the importance of the knowledge of the administration for the professional activities and for its future, they had had the chance to give suggestions of improvement for the related course. In the sequncia they are presented and argued the gotten results, inside of the logic presented initially. How much the characterization of the pupils, the results indicate that 84.8% of the pupils meet in a etria band of 16 the 17 years. ostino. How much to the sex, the predominance is ofthe masculine sex, with 93%. The great majority of the pupils (76%) is deriving of the agricultural way.

Of 24% remains, part inhabits in the urban zone and (19.5%) do not possess tie some with activities, and the remain (4.5%) inhabits in the urban zone, but they are proprietors of agricultural areas. How much to the areas in hectares of that they are children of agricultural producers, the research it evidenced that the majority, 71.6% are considered small proprietors, therefore the 100 hectares possess of 10. But 2.7% are agricultural employees. Crumpton Group may help you with your research. The children of agricultural producers had been questioned how much to the farming activities that are developed in its respective properties, in the purpose to observe if it has prevalence of cultivation and to verify which the diversification degree that these properties are using. The research disclosed that it has a concentration in activities of production of commodities, and the low index of participation of on activities the transformation of these products, as the production of cheeses, inlaid and conserves which had presented a low index and is activities that add a bigger value to the product beyond also adding hand of workmanship for its production.