It is not analyzed or questioned in the target of this work, the perception on any other treatments carried through in infertile women who possess any other forms of associated infertility or not it SOP. 4.DESENVOLVIMENTO the citrate of clomifeno (CC) was to the first drug studied with objective to promote the induction of the ovulao in women with oligomenorria and represented, during many years, the first therapeutical option for women with infertility for anovulao. One is about a medication accomplishes and characterized cost, few collateral effect underneath and simplicity of administration. The CC are the used drug more as first option. The dose is 50 the 150mg/dia during 5 days, from 5 day of the spontaneous or induced cycle.

Day of the cycle can be initiated the administration from 2 (HALBE, 2000). It is necessary to carry through the monitorizao of the cycle if of the one for the basal thermal curve and extreme-sonogrfico control. The treatment for 6 months (PINOTTI is remained; BARROS, 2000). The insulnica resistance associate to the obesidade is related with worse resulted in the treatment with inductors of the ovulao in women with SOP. Thus, new medications are being used in the treatment of induction of ovulao in women with SOP. Soon, the metformina this being used in the treatment of the SOP therefore, reduces the hiperinsulinemia and the action of the insulina on the ovariana function (TO SOUND; MARANHO, 2000). Mulders et al. (2003) apud Santana et al. (2008)

He affirms that frequently low taxes of pregnancy are observed, raised taxes of abortion, use of bigger doses of gonadotrofinas and greaters taxes of cancellation of the cycle of induction of the ovulao. The positive results of Velazquez et al. (1994) apud Soares and Maranho (2000) with the job of the metformina in the SOP if relate the reduction of the IMC, the reduction of the circulating andrgenos and the occurrence of cases of gestation in elapsing of the treatment.