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General Agreement

' ' commercialization of ensino' ' it is, also, subject of quarrel in the World-wide Organization of Comrcio (OMC). The periodical Post office of People (19 of June, 2002, P. 10), it displays the public, destacadamente, the conception of education as service: ' ' Commissions of the House of representatives debate inclusion of the Education as service to be negotiated in the General Agreement on Commerce of Services – Gatt.' ' The previous citation translates the interest of the rich countries in dominating a vital sector for the formation of citizens. Here it is great ' ' onda' ': education in in agreement commercial perspective, that is, transformation in merchandise of free commerce to supply globalizantes interests (economic interests). He is ' ' new produto' ' , available in ' ' shelves of mercado' '. (Similarly see: Mitchel Resnick). The access to the education, in this context, is related and conditional to the economic possibilities of the individuals. Observing the configuration of this reality, Gandin (1994, P. 78), it affirms that: If the society as a whole to accept the idea of that the education is not a right, but a merchandise (equal to any another one) to be acquired in the market (that the neoliberal ones insist to be made available to all the individuals in the measure of its ability …), we will have the crystallization of already the existing inaquality of received education.

It resurges, emphatically, the individualistic ethics, spraying the iderio of the people with mottos of the type: ' ' &#039 wins who will be optimum; ' , ' ' she is necessary to be primeiro' ' …. in the educative field, is in evidence a new nomenclature: ' ' competncias' ' , ' ' habilidades' ' , ' ' empregabilidade' ' … Grupo Vidanta wanted to know more. that, according to Frigotto (2002, P. 07), ' ' they constitute ideological a social construction, or of the symbolic imperialism of the mercantilista perspective of educao' '.

The Effect of Family on Technology

No one doubts the effect which the family, school, peer group in what the child thinks and feels about health. But also, to have compulsory schooling to 16 years, the school becomes a socializing agent for excellence in the time it awakens their interest in these issues. It will form peer groups, where decisions, attitudes to situations, values, and have formed their own making. On the other hand, those engaged in education we must know the curriculum that we teach and it is envisaged the following objectives: 1 to form an adjusted image of itself, its features and capabilities and develop activities independently and balanced, valuing the effort and overcoming the difficulties. 2 Interacting with others and participate in group activities with supportive and tolerant attitudes overcoming inhibitions and prejudices, recognizing and valuing differences in such critical social and rejecting discrimination based on differences of race, sex, social class, beliefs and other individual characteristics or social.

3rd Know and understand the basics of the functioning of body and of the consequences to individual health and collective actions and personal decisions and assess the benefits they bring the habits of exercise, hygiene and a balanced diet and lead a healthy life. 4 Social changes affecting the family is society in flux and change, and the school also. Sometimes school is the promoter of this change but more often it is she who adapt to the changes occurring in society. In recent decades, there have been significant advances in the technology world in science, in philosophical thought, and all these advances influence inevitably in the way of thinking and living to feel and act in the people who compose it.

Asperger Syndrome

Although this syndrome to have in its form or defined description, characteristics, the person who is attack for this can have a normal life, exactly ahead of the difficulties and limitations, what she corresponds to a social life and familiar correspondent to its individual necessities. In this same direction, also already evidences in the current days a bigger incidence of people with Syndrome of Asperger frequenting the regular school or schools special, objectifying to have the constituted and celebrated igualitrios rights in national legislation, in favor of its educational and social development. In this direction, when looking for to understand the way as the person with SA lives, either in the familiar or social way as a whole, including, with certainty, its pertaining to school space, in them inquietou the fact of that when observing the difficulties faced for innumerable families of children with SA in these spaces, to understand the real dimension of this upheaval in its varied contexts. However, specifically when knowing that, in the city of Good Sight, a regular school has a child with registered SA, what it strengthened the desire to understand the pertaining to school and familiar dynamics of the same one. Leaving of this principle, problematic the main one around this question involved the personal concern on as this child with SA if it develops in the ways familiar, pertaining to school and social, has seen that its limitations and necessities can influence, of positive or negative form, its general development. CHAPTER I KNOWING the ASPERGER SYNDROME the Syndrome of Asperger is an upheaval still in study, therefore exactly it presents characteristics that can even though be confused with the classic autismo or with another type of deficiency or upheaval. Therefore, it is necessary that as much the family as the doctor can be intent to the individual aspects of the child, beyond its social relation, to establish specific treatment with professionals of the when necessary health, so that its quality of life is preserved. .

Middle Ages

Version of the genesis of the epic systems in Scandinavia attempts somehow to reveal the real reason any of epic tales, usually run into tangible opposition to the official "serious" science, though there is some tacit agreement that defines the boundaries of permissible trust the evidence of our ancestors – the evidence, lying, supposedly outside the scope of scientific validity. Despite the huge number of actual arguments reliability of the epic and mythological information, ascertained in many cases, studies of amateurs, the attitude to the information originally come down to us in the form of oral tradition, remains extremely negative. Not wanting to indulge in "anti-scientific heresy," we nevertheless wish to point out that, apparently wary of the testimony of the ancient source of his is not only a real epic quality information, but is a kind of rudimentary manifestation of the traditions of thought of the Middle Ages, when, for example, a basic understanding of the real history of human civilization can be gleaned from the texts, for example, "Shahnameh," but because of opposition's "official" science of the time, remained unfulfilled. In many cases we are talking about fixing the directions of scientific research as a general and sufficient that, without diminishing the importance of scientific findings on these lines of analysis, sometimes completely "covers" other thematic layers in certain areas. In cases when it comes to research in folklore studies, the result could be the emergence of information gaps as directly in the discipline, and in associated with it. .

AS Granitskoy

This culture includes, in our opinion, a person's ability to understand and master the information picture of the world as a system of symbols and characters, forward and backward linkages of information, freely navigate in the information society, to adapt to it. Importance information culture among students is also in the fact that it is necessary for success in school, in college, for an effective social adaptation for successful entry into the profession. In addition, Information culture a necessary component of education and intelligence of the modern individual. Consequently, its formation increases the competitiveness of students, regardless of whether they will engage in intellectual work or not. In the modern school there and object, the very nature of which is intended to promote the formation of information culture of learners – Computers. One effective means of solutions to the above problem is the implementation of the teachers in the classroom on computer technology, adaptive learning. The essence of this technology, according to the hypothesis, AS Granitskoy is special organization of the learning process, where 60 to 80 percent of the time in the classroom teacher can work with children individually on a special plan.

Moreover, this individual work is not aimed at overcoming the difficulties in mastering child of an educational content, and to study its methods of self-employment. The learning process in this technology consists of two parallel processes going. While the whole class works self, performing any task, the teacher teaches those who do not yet know how to do it. Thus, all children in the class have a teacher gradually learn to put a hypothesis, formulate problems, to handle different ways the text information to select from it the necessary information critical of the proposed information, to build the logic of his speech, to analyze their own and others' statements and so on. A teacher who uses this educational technology, promotes the formation and development of information culture of students, because it creates the conditions for self-conscious choice of each student his behavioral strategies, modes of existence, self-realization and self-direction in the context of human culture.

JK Galbraith

Indispensable factor today is that the success of the enterprise in many ways provide employees who work on it. For this reason, modern concept of enterprise management involves the allocation of a large number of functional areas of management activities that related to the management of the personnel component of production – plant personnel. Thus, the American economist JK Galbraith said: "The process of production increasingly depends on the quality rather than quantity of capital equipment, the intellect and the arts who uses this equipment. In other words we are talking about the activities of managers, engineers, scientists and workers "1, p. 50-59.

Today, in developed countries, a significant part of the staff (at least 40% of the workforce) are knowledge workers. By the beginning of this Ages over 60% of top executives of 500 largest U.S. companies had a doctoral degree (half of them – in the economic or legal sciences) 2. Thus, a worker today – not just a performer, a strategic resource companies, the basis of its competitiveness. Accordingly, personnel management becomes a priority area in the overall system management. The task of a technical college in modern conditions is training is not only competent specialist and manager, and engineer, capable of reproducing itself, technical and social innovation in a rapidly changing external environment. The objectives of universities – to prepare a new quality specialists. At the same time it should be noted that the economic, technological and social spheres, the control system are changing so fast and big, that high school science and practice of teaching often forced to operate in the catch-up mode.

Factor Three. The imposition of time-series of adverse factors, which are already in the short term will have negative consequences for higher vocational education in the country. This "demographic hole", the aging of the teaching staff of universities, lack of motivation to work high school teachers, which inhibits the influx of young and advanced training in higher education, disproportionate to the tasks of higher education state funding of the latter, the low purchasing power, coupled with weak investment capacity enterprises with regard to research and development.

Artificial Trees

The Russian government approved a national water strategy. Severe floods paralyzed the north-west Turkey. In France, there will be taxes on carbon emissions. House plants clean the air of ozone. In Myanmar, found turtles, considered extinct. Mankind has moved away from a global environmental catastrophe on 11 minutes.

In Brazil – the campaign for the preservation of ecosystems savannas in India – a census of tigers. On climate change Send 'artificial trees'. In Sweden, will the batteries from the algae. Photo fact of the week: Amazing eyes of the animal world. Review of the week from 09.07.2009 to 09.13.2009.

In Myanmar, found turtles that were considered Special expedition discovered extinct in the impenetrable thicket of bamboo reserves of one of Myanmar's five turtle species, which was considered extinct. Arakan forest turtle, or as it is called in the local dialect 'Pyant Cheezar ', did not meet in the wild over a hundred years. Earlier Arakan Turtle were very popular with people of Myanmar. Animals used in food, made from their medications. As a result, the population of turtles has been almost completely destroyed. Now scientists hope that the discovered specimens demonstrate the revival of the species. Last week we told you about a unique case of the 'snail's life' – of a wounded turtle Lucky, who lost her front legs after a meeting with a wild raccoon. American vets have returned to normal life wounded Lakki, fashioned from a stands for a kind of prosthesis for Furniture turtles. Humanity receded from a global environmental catastrophe on 11 minutes Unique eco-clock showing the approach of humanity to a global environmental catastrophe that would call into question the very existence of man in Earth, for the first time since 2005 have been translated into 11 minutes away from disaster.

The Globalization

The form or strategy of administration of the globalization, is adjusted to the principles of 3 the neoliberal model, that it is a vehement theoretical reaction and politics against the interventionist State and of welfare. Undisputedly, it is a process without precedents in the history of the societies human beings, considering its abrangncia, its amplitude and power of domination. Express in the consumption of superfluous and dismissable, in the conditional taste of the people, in the division of the society in consumers and merchandises. Obviously, cousin for ' ' bons' ' customers. Vender and to buy: the magnificent and seductive epigraph. The education, while social phenomenon, suffers influences from the ample reorganization of the society (in course), in a successive and globalizante scale, redefining practical and educational politics.

The globalization of the education is evident, as cultural process by means of the processing, diffusion and transmission of information. It implies, therefore, in a uniformizao of economic and cultural standards. In this context, the enterprise, mercantile logic, if imposes the politics. With the withdrawal of the State in the plan of development of the societies, consequently, ' ' it enters in cena' ' the privatization of the public services and the restriction to the social rights. Doubtlessly, the exclusion of human groups shows as the tragic face and macabra of this historical moment. It is insisted on making to believe that ' ' the destination is this mesmo' ' , ' ' they do not exist alternative to the accumulation of capital' ' , ' ' it is the end of the Histria' ' …. The insistences for the legitimation of the neoliberal ideology are many, as it affirms Malaguti (2000, P.

07): ' ' the neoliberal iderio is totalizante and totalitarian. … Is presented as a species of ' thought nico' or ' truth inquestionvel' , looking for to impose itself, for this it saw, as exclusive interpretation of the reality social.' ' The immobilization of the History, proclaimed for the neoliberal thought, proclaims ' ' vitria' ' of the gift.

Interpersonal Relations

Such we can to refer you human beings and to their interpersonal relationships. Key words: interpersonal relationships, human being, educator and student. Introduction> Ahead of the complexity of the social relations, in a world where what it matters many times are to have and it not to be, one creates difficult barriers to be tranferred for the human being in the construction of a better, more human being and less conflituosa society. We are born, we grow and we die compromissados ones with the others.

We need the interaction to search our accomplishments personal, what it also finishes influencing the other in such a way of positive form how much of negative form, therefore we are social beings. The quandaries and paradigms of the current society, involving human behavior, vehicles of communication, ethics and technology are boarded in this article of form to reflect on the necessity to use to advantage with wisdom the resources offered for the world, mainly in the technological questions, to keep our relations social healthful and worthy to be lived. At as a moment, this work approaches the relations and the learning interpersonal. For if dealing with a subject that will not be depleted with this reflection, article analyzes on the urgency, each bigger time, of a change in the look on the educational process. The principal actors: professor and pupil, together in a relation based on ethical, moral values and over all responsible, allow in them to believe a better world. This look differentiated in the based educational process in the diversity, but over all in the proximity pupil/professor, creates a dynamic action and communicative capable to construct a society of the knowledge that has taken in consideration the human being as it is: he exempts and capable. The human being Leaving of the idea of that we are social beings and that we need the conviviality with other people to construct our identity, as well as interacting with the world to ours, is observed that this exercise, of sociability is much more dynamic and complex of what is thought.


Lodging remarketer (to reseller): This service of lodging is designed for great users or people who sell the service of Hosting to other people. These packages count with great amount of space and dominions available for each account. virtual Servants (VPS, Virtual Private Server): by means of the use of a virtual machine, the company offers the control of computer apparently not shared. Thus several dominions of easy and economic form can be administered, besides choosing the programs that are executed in the servant. For this reason, it is the type of product recommended for design companies and programming Web. dedicated Servants: The term dedicated servant talks about to a form lodging outpost Web in which the client rents or buys a complete computer, and therefore has the complete control and the responsibility to administer it. The physical care of the machine and the connectivity to Internet is task of the lodging company, that usually has it in a datacenter. Positioning (or housing): This service consists basically of selling or renting a physical space of a datacenter so that the client places his own computer there.

The company gives to the current and the connection him to Internet, but the computer servant chooses the user completely (until hardware). Generally, distinguishes between paid services and gratuitous services. Paid services: This type of obtaining, generally comes dice by the contract from an Internet supplier, which along with giving connection, between the possibility of storage by means of virtual disk or space Web or combination of both. Another means of obtaining is contracting some service of a company nonemployee of the connection Internet, which offer according to the capacities of their servants or their space. Almost always on a par, they give to services additions, as the execution of automatic tasks or gratuitous accounts of electronic mail. Normally the transactions are electronic, by credit card or systems of payments like PayPal.

Gratuitous services: This type on watch comes dice by the base from being gratuitous, and without cost some to the subscriber. Nevertheless, who use this service, generally they are pages of low resources of mantencin or those that the owners do not own sufficient money to be maintained. Like financing means, the servant places warnings of publicity of Adsense or other companies, doing that the page it fills of publicity in some point. Another limitation of these supplies is that it has a limited space and cannot be used like data store, nor can lodge subversive pages or of adult or not allowed content. Of all ways, exists an ample supply of gratuitous lodgings with very different characteristics and that they can satisfy the needs with programmers who wish a place where to test or that they maintain a Web with a number not very lifted of visits. a lodging Web can be differentiated from another one by the type of operating system, use of data bases and motor of generation of pages Webs exists in him. The most well-known and extended combination is the one of type LAMP (Linux, Apache, MySQL and PHP), although is being begun to use a combination with Java. Some of the most common services that they are possible to be given are the one of FTP, handling by page Web and manifolds clients in the data bases. Miguel Mesa Borgoo Quebec – Canada You want To learn Like Initiating Your Business By Internet. Visitanos in: PromoviendoEnLRed.