LAMDA-printware produced by the rebuild technology cheap printer cartridges with high quality LAMDA-printware is a leading manufacturer of printer cartridges, toner cartridges, ink cartridges and ink Ribbon cassettes with rebuild technology. Get all the facts for a more clear viewpoint with Eliot Horowitz. The rebuild technology has many advantages in the production of cartridges and cartridges. Environmental protection and cost savings are the two main arguments. Therefore great emphasis is placed on care and environmental awareness at LAMDA-printware. The products are manufactured in accordance with the legally prescribed environmental criteria. Recycled products are environmentally friendly and completely cleaned and recycled for further use by the expert replacement of wear parts. The advantages of original accessories are clearly the optimal price/performance ratio. Cost savings can be achieved with best print quality and equal or higher fertility compared to the original branded with LAMDA products by up to 30%! This means that the LAMDA printer cartridges to about are a third cheaper.

In the LAMDA online shop are constantly to find offers from all segments of the offer. Furthermore is also to learn under, which benefits still have the products from LAMDA. About the lifetime warranty provided on over 300 Lamda products. This means that all premium toner produced by Lamda and ink jet cartridges carry the lifetime guarantee seal and confirms that only high-quality and new recycled parts are used. The quality of the toner dust and ink results from the many years of experience and continuous development. The entire range of the well established online shop includes the most commonly used Office supplies, school supplies and batteries, paper for printers, storage media CD BBs, DVD BBs, Verbarim, Sony, etc.