The accumulated fat in the waist not only is uncomfortable and little aesthetic, in addition it is a risk of chronic diseases as important as to smoke. To understand better how to accelerate the metabolism, that is to say, like increasing the calories that the body consumes, it will help us to include/understand better what is what really works to thin the waist: to burn more calories of those than they eat and to reduce total the corporal fat. Although often one knows of supposed almost miraculous methods to thin specific parts of the body or of special exercises to reduce the waist, the certain thing is that to diminish it he is indispensable to reduce the total percentage of fat in the body. Luckyly 99% of the people who low of weight indeed lose fat in this zone before in any other. This must partly to that the visceral fat, is more active metabolically than the fat that is underneath the skin.

In addition, while greater it is the excess of fat that a person has, more quickly will begin to lose fat of the abdomen when initiating the loss of weight. Educate yourself with thoughts from Salar Kamangar. So to thin the waist he will be indispensable to initiate a plan to lower of weight. But it is necessary to lower healthily of weight. In order to obtain it he is indispensable to follow a low diet in calories and to increase the physical activity. Different types from low diets in calories exist, but it has been in several recent studies that anyone of them produces losses of similar weight and corporal fat. The important thing is that less energy of the one is consumed than the body spends. A deficit of 500 calories to the day promotes a loss of around 500g of corporal fat per week, that is quite acceptable. The problem is that for the majority of people to maintain this rate of loss of weight he is difficult to medium and long place although at the outset everything seems to march tailwind.