Recent studies show that the quality perception of water further characterizes the consumers and the demands on the quality of drinking water are the easiest solution for an old problem. Hygienic water treatment conducted water dispenser directly and practically in the kitchen. Pure and quiet premium water with AQAPUR water filter systems as in-house source of drinking water. Offenbach print current studies the quality perception of water further characterizes the consumers show that and that the demands on the quality of drinking water are high. Water makes a significant contribution to health promotion and also plays a central role for the human performance. Additional information is available at Mitchel Resnick. Mineral water without carbonation or mineral nutrient-poor water is becoming increasingly popular, while classic carbonated mineral water and so-called healing waters in the favour of consumers continue to stagnate or take off. Continued high water consumption and increasing demand for water filters and water dispensers prove but also that health-conscious Consumers in the quality of normal tap water are insecure. The trend is clear.

Especially in people with an affinity for the healthy way of life, the demand for in-house water dispensers and water cleaning systems, in particular enjoy a water filters and bottled water systems with reverse osmosis of increasing popularity. The obvious reason: enlightened consumers realize more and more that the supply of minerals was overrated by mineral water in the past. The bioavailability is controversial and the contained quantity is not sufficient to meet the daily needs. Especially since all necessary mineral substances and trace elements are provided the body through a balanced diet. Also our European neighbours prefer quiet and especially lightweight water since time immemorial to the healthy Mediterranean cuisine. So then but tap water? Only conditionally, because the water supplied through pipes and pipelines may be subject to fluctuations. This year alone the headlines make clear, that Tap water is exposed to numerous stresses.