Although this syndrome to have in its form or defined description, characteristics, the person who is attack for this can have a normal life, exactly ahead of the difficulties and limitations, what she corresponds to a social life and familiar correspondent to its individual necessities. In this same direction, also already evidences in the current days a bigger incidence of people with Syndrome of Asperger frequenting the regular school or schools special, objectifying to have the constituted and celebrated igualitrios rights in national legislation, in favor of its educational and social development. In this direction, when looking for to understand the way as the person with SA lives, either in the familiar or social way as a whole, including, with certainty, its pertaining to school space, in them inquietou the fact of that when observing the difficulties faced for innumerable families of children with SA in these spaces, to understand the real dimension of this upheaval in its varied contexts. However, specifically when knowing that, in the city of Good Sight, a regular school has a child with registered SA, what it strengthened the desire to understand the pertaining to school and familiar dynamics of the same one. Leaving of this principle, problematic the main one around this question involved the personal concern on as this child with SA if it develops in the ways familiar, pertaining to school and social, has seen that its limitations and necessities can influence, of positive or negative form, its general development. CHAPTER I KNOWING the ASPERGER SYNDROME the Syndrome of Asperger is an upheaval still in study, therefore exactly it presents characteristics that can even though be confused with the classic autismo or with another type of deficiency or upheaval. Therefore, it is necessary that as much the family as the doctor can be intent to the individual aspects of the child, beyond its social relation, to establish specific treatment with professionals of the when necessary health, so that its quality of life is preserved. .