Diet expert Sven-David Muller advises overweight autogenic training stress and healthy slimming: the Slimcoach helps weight problems plaguing in the course of every person’s life. Germany long suffers from obesity currently about two-thirds of the population. Often concerned is aware that excess pounds affect their quality of life. To movement restrictions, to avoid loss of social and health consequences, the majority with the hurdle is thus confronted, to lose weight. It is known that different paths can lead to weight loss. Most weight loss programs, calorie savings and diets but are associated with stress, effort or cost. You harm both body and mind than even the wallet, require too much discipline, or are not permanently effective.

Lose weight with the Slimcoach diet expert Sven-David Muller, who directs the dietary advice of the online program is different, informed. Take off at home: stress-free and convenient professional life can be with the Slimcoach be stressful: many people rush from a business meeting to the next, and are happy when they can make their leisure time quietly. The program of the Slimcoach has adapted to the needs of the modern man and can be ideally integrated in everyday work. It requires no long access route to weight control and communication with the tutor, but uses the latest technology to make picking up as stress-free as possible: Abnehmwillige get their notices, instructions, tips and tricks for weight loss by E-Mail and can retrieve easily from home. And also on trips, the weight loss plans must not rest, because the Slimcoach program is available from any Internet-enabled computer and supports also the weight loss of the mobile people. Stress is the enemy of all overweight. This is also a study, which was conducted in collaboration by Sven-David Muller at the University Clinic in Aachen. Autogenic training provided critical support weight loss and therefore the diet expert advises to do this.