A more formal development of the numeration if finds in the formation of the enumeration systems. Examining them older symbols the use of an only mark is verified, for each element. The extension procedure is what it resulted in the current systems of enumeration, that if base on a value of a position and initiate with the choice of a certain number as base. If they do not know when the numbers had been discovered cardinals, but in documents oldest, they perceive that they had been written very before this time. The good one of the book is all book is easy of understands it and shows to the historical context of the fulfillment of the numbers of the mathematics and its development until the current days. In daily pay-history the men who kept its flocks needed to be certain, if all its animals had come back of the grass, what they stored weapons, tools or other objects, had that to obtain to confer if the amount it was correct or insufficient, and those tribes that had some type of conflict, needed to verify if to the end of each expedition all soldiers had come back and the men who have am economy of direct exchange, had to be prepared for an exchange joust, in amount and value.

The numbers Object of Study: Sprouting of the General numbers. To present the numbers in a simple way. To explain the sprouting. Displaying its utility. Specific: To understand and to demonstrate the necessity of the numbers in the life of the man. Because the origin of the numbers was given? During times the man, needed to develop projects for the Arithmetic, where it would have a bigger control, either on its flock, supplies or tools. The origin of the numbers in the civilization was necessary for the survival of the man.