CEHATROL synthetic fuel of the future for the last visit to a production facility in 2009 gathered raw material suppliers and Freudenberg of recipients of Tun fuels EC, December 17, 2009 – with the participation of the Management Board and the Supervisory Board of CEHATROL, met potential raw material suppliers from Thuringia and Tun recipients from Lower Saxony, Germany on December 16, 2009 to the last visit of a CEHATROL production plant in 2009. Among the participants was also Dr. Albrecht Brossmann by the Pahrener agricultural management? & escorts “GmbH & co. KG, for the development of the bio-energy region Thuringian Vogtland” responsible records. The energy cooperative Freudenberg EC i.g.

and the CEHATROL fuel EC are their own diesel producers cooperative members. Thus, they detach itself completely from the crude oil prices and huge cost savings. Precursors are almost exclusively biogenic residual materials, such as straw, Marc, woodcut, etc to use. There are different types of membership: in addition to pure Tun recipients (E.g. Trucking companies) deliver their biogenic residual materials directly to the cooperative farmers, forestry enterprises and breweries and receive diesel of brand CEHATROL. For members who have no way to deliver their commodity itself, the Association builds a transport network.

Appeals Board Member Helmut Uhlig: all those interested, thinking about a low-cost purchase of diesel fuel, are cordially invited to a consultation with our trust people at your place. The Board members Frank Knauer in Berlin and Helmut Uhlig in Neubrandenburg are available for individual wishes to pay the cooperative shares. Together, we want to produce diesel, so we want to seek together ways we can make it together. “More information is on the website of the energy cooperative,