Ekumo GmbH lowers investment hurdles for SMEs and Redaktionsdienstleister Berlin. Now the Ekumo GmbH offers its eponymous Web-based editorial system for technical documentation for rent with a fixed monthly price. The ASP (application service providing) option includes the same full range of features such as the licensing model of the system. This covers all requirements of enterprises that create their technical documentation in distributed teams or at multiple locations, and edit. With the ASP model, Ekumo addressed in particular medium-sized companies and facilitates them the introduction of a professional content management system. Investments in the IT hardware structure be omitted as well as any administration and maintenance for the software.

Companies particularly in the industry due to the difficult economic conditions shy away from large investments in their it. Therefore it is quite reasonable, to rent software rather than buy from business aspects”so Mike Petersen,. Managing Director of Ekumo GmbH. His company is supplier of the complete Web-based content management system. Ekumo support throughout all processes within the technical documentation, features an online document editor and offers all functions for an efficient (single-source-) creation, management and (cross-media-) publishing of technical documentation are necessary. Include also integrated terminology checking, automated translation workflow and an online image editing program.

The product is either based on Oracle or MySQL – database. In the ASP version, the monthly rental for Ekumo depends on the number of users. In addition to the monthly costs, the ASP model has other advantages: enterprises are exempted from any administrative work and benefit from a high scalability. In addition, Ekumo offers its system without a minimum term, which also ensures flexibility. The manufacturer installs and maintains the software in its own server landscape. The users on the features and data accessed via a standard Web browser. The Ekumo GmbH Ekumo GmbH specializes in the development and marketing of the same content management system for technical documentation specialized. The company headquartered in Berlin was founded in late 2009 as a spin-off of Digiden GmbH. Previously, together with experts from science and practice already more than seven years, a designated team has invested in product development. Ekumo is the fully online-based content management system and includes all functions that are necessary for creating, editing, organizing, test and publish technical documents and complex product information. The integrated developer environment to the multilingual publication Ekumo maps all workflows. Especially companies with multiple distributed locations and suppliers benefit from the collaboration approach. You all can access up to date information without delay. Ekumo is currently in two models offered: it addressed especially large and medium-sized enterprises as licensed version. The ASP (application service providing) model enables smaller companies and editorial services, the system as efficient use of rental model. More information at or by e-Mail:. Editorial Contacts: Ekumo GmbH Achim Hillmer product manager & account Director in the baking factory / Saarbrucken str. 37 b-D-10405 Berlin phone: + 49 30 4467494-00 (switchboard)-33 (direct) fax + 49 30 4467494-79 PR agency of good news!