News from the GSM can the management system of SERQUA, established through the cooperation of the two Contracting Parties be integrated now seamlessly even in the ISO series of standards. It becomes an even more effective tool for the hotel and tourism industry. GSM and TuV Rheinland seek intensive cooperation at the national and international hotel company certification with their cooperation. It aims to support the hotel industry in developing and securing their quality with the construction of the proven SERQUA procedure and then to make this an ISO 9001 certification. The tasks are clearly divided on this.

The GSM with the hotels in the system development and its implementation. TuV certified the system afterwards. Thanks to the collaboration with the TuV we have expanded the development of management systems for the hotel and tourism industry to a significant step”, commented Franz-Josef Konig, Managing Director of GSM, the conclusion of the contract. The GSM developed over 10 years of experience on the Based on their SERQUA system management systems for the hospitality industry. It is one of the few companies that is certified even according to the ISO 9001:2000. So far, the GSM has been certified their customers according to the criteria of the SERQUA system. Now also the seamless transition in ISO certification possibility for customers of GSM.

OLAF Seiche, industry Manager tourism/leisure at TuV Rheinland, also sees much potential in the cooperation with the GSM for his company. TuV Rheinland has already certified several hotels at home and abroad and has comprehensive experience. The customers of the hotel industry get a management system and the corresponding certification from a cast. Through the cooperation of the GSM with the TuV, ISO certification is simpler and more efficient, since the parameters of the management system are aligned perfectly from the outset on the criteria of ISO certification. Ultimately this is reflected also in the costs, the in accordance with statement of Franz-Josef Konig due to the time savings and the lower development costs by up to 30% reduce. It is more cost-effective to adapt our SERQUA system to the needs of the company, as to re-develop everything”, he explains his statement. Their customers first see the two Contracting Parties in the hotel cooperations and small hotel chains. Here, the quality management is a key success factor and serves the profiling compared to the big chains and the development of its own brand. Learn more about