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Miguel Dominguez

Your address also adds structure to the medium (the Internet), and why a simple post would not be sufficient. Can we contact you by fax, fixed telephone, email and mobile phone? This information gives you more credibility. 4. Do not use a free e-mail or their main site hosting service. Some say that a business image is everything. That may seem a little exaggerated, but you are not who secrees is, but what the customer perceives you are. If you use an e-mail service free as what does say you this? You have success, that neither tanato even it can afford an email service? Most of the spammers use these free email accounts, this gives you another point negotivo against her. It may be better to use the account associated with the domain of your web site’s payment.

I think that almost all web hosting services offer POP e-mail accounts. 5 Have all their data at hand of their customers… When a surfer appears on its website for the first time is like going to an appointment blindly. The visitor may have heard a little about Ud and know where to find it, but putting a look at his website, obtiendra a good opportunity to have a quick check of who he is you, and if it is that realmete wants to build a relationship with the. Information you should put on this page includes: – a personal and professional biography, – perhaps a photograph of yourself, – name, address and telephone number, – the objectives of your company-, a complete description of your company and you. 6. Include a privacy statement.

Internet users are becoming more sensitive of how your information is used, what makes almost indispensable, to provide a page with its privacy policy. General interests which would need to be addressed: * how is uses the information that is collects?. * Will share the information with a third party? * Let them know how, opt out of any mailing list in which they registered. 7. Use some feedback from their customers. What you say about your product or service will be not taken seriously. I mean what is expected that Ud says. Does your product? The views of experts in their field, they will have more attention from their customers, but it is mostly going to have more weight to decisions of their clients, are the comments and testimonials from their own customers. What does it mean?. You can get an instant credibility if presented testimonies from satisfied customers. These testimonials must be accompanied by the direction of email or Web page, and the full name of the client. How much less information gives, on the client that is providing testimony, will be much less believable. It must facilitate, that visitors come into contact with these clients, to confirm that the testimonials are real. Do you understand it?. USE all these strategies and their customers will appreciate its reliability and credibility, gimbal that open their wallets and their hearts.

Creating a Website

Have you already decided that you need to create a website. And you want it to be visited and effective. The best option in this case will be left to professionals, offering a full range of services from site creation to its promotion and maintenance. So what are the criteria that determine the quality of the site? Any site must contain the information (content). Surely, you've already read many times about this … then read again and wait for it – website must contain information. It is to receive it, users enter the Internet. The more specific information, the easier it is to increase traffic to the site.

Do not try to promote a site and attract visitors, if it is not enough information and many pages in the "establishment." This is only alienate potential customers. The user who opened the once unfinished site, the more it can not go ever. For commercial sites the main goal serves to attract new customers. There are, of course, the resources that are created to service existing clients. To create a commercial company site, its functionality, the necessary service (providing efficiency) allow the owners to solve problems, aimed ultimately at a profit.

In business, the site is more advertising platform where you can tell about themselves, their products or services. This site details will be available to all who may be interested in your offer. It is not hard to guess that the site, as online representation of your business long term. It must be intelligently to create, maintain, develop and promote. Many people mistakenly think that you can create a website, and he himself would work, bringing a profit. This is not true. If the information on this site will not be updated, it just stops interested users, and thus your potential customers and they will be less likely to attend, after all, just forget about it. An important criterion in creating the site is its design or appearance – it's the first thing begin to evaluate the site, and only then draw conclusions by studying the contents. The site can be the first contact your customer with your company. The site – a company's face to the Internet, and the quality of design will be judged and you will be You compare with your competitors. Good site – always carefully considered. The user should easily navigate the site structure and navigation tools should be clear. Another important point – is the placement of Your site on the Internet. The absence of your domain name, can not command respect. Placing a site on free servers (hosting) – an occasion to reflect on the seriousness of the company. The best option of the domain name is the user will be able to guess, knowing only the name of your company. This is not the whole list of criteria, information technology developed, the process of creating the site is complicated and the best option, as already mentioned earlier, is the mission of this important business professionals who are not the first work in this area and know all the nuances.

The Understanding

It is a which had difficult phase of being carried through to the problems of agreement in relation to the requirements. In accordance with Christel and the Kangs (1992, apud PRESSMAN, 2006, P. 118 and 119), three types of problems assist to understand the above-mentioned difficulty, that are: Problems of target: Bad definition of the system and its limits, hindering the understanding them main objectives it system. Also the using customer can happen if/to specify details technician that are not necessary, bringing confusion instead of agreement. Problems of agreement: Stakeholders does not have certainty of what they desire concerning the system, either related to the necessities that this will have to take care of or to the computational environment that will have to operate. Moreover, current e, therefore, obvious information that stop they are, as questions directed to the domain of the application, are without being specified, causing posterior problems.

Problems of volatileness: The requirements always move throughout the development process. Thus, exactly that these have been identified correctly, they can suffer to alterations due the new necessities from stakeholders. To decide these problems, all the activity of survey and analysis of requirements must be made of organized form, being able to use diverse techniques so that the collected requirements are inserted in the document of specification in complete and consistent way. 23 Some of these techniques are briefly described below, have seen that the focus of this work is not to deal with them detailed form (SOMMERVILLE; BAPTIST and OAK, 2003): guided Survey the points of view: it has the capacity to discover conflicts in the requirements considered for different stakeholders through the recognition of different points of view. Interviews and Questionnaires: they are half the most usual ones of if collecting facts. The interviews can be structuralized or not-be structuralized, that is, informal.

Updating Applications

When going to a sufficient number of patches, Apple releases update – IPSW file size of about 150 megabytes, which contains the image of the phone operating system and sometimes update for GSM-part. Consequently, in a single update may be two "flash": For the software part phone (Updating Applications) for GSM-part. This package has a version (1.0.0, 1.1.1, 1.1.2, etc.), but a GSM-part has its own numbering (03.01_13G, 04.02_13G, etc.). It turned out that the program installed in the phone itself, characterized by a version of the package updates, such as the latest version is 1.1.3. This is called "firmware version the phone." It just so happened that the phone can be set to any of the existing updates with the firmware version of the GSM-no change.

You can have the firmware for the GSM-version of the firmware and the phone 04.03_13G 1.0.2. Now re-read several times the previous two paragraphs. Of these, we have learned two basic terms: phone firmware and firmware of the GSM-. Their version is very dependent a lot. But in light of recent events on the stage there is one more term: version bootloader'a. This question deserves a separate discussion.

Bootloader, secpack, OTB, and unlock all-all-all C the release of the update numbered 1.1.2, was discovered a very unpleasant fact. All phones available for sale with this firmware (as they say out of the box 1.1.2 – 1.1.2 out the box, OTB) are different from the previous bootloader. New loader version 4.6, whereas the previous version was 3.9.

How To Solve The “personnel” Issue

Investment in construction in recent years are considered very beneficial, as this field of business is growing rapidly. Embedded in it means almost immediately recouped – to date the demand for square meters in Moscow, far exceeding the supply. According to the 2006 proposal was 5 million square meters. am against the "desired" 40 million square meters. m.

The increase in construction, however, does not automatically lead to a rush of new staff strength in this economy. As a result, the market is the situation of staff shortages. Shortage of personnel is growing situation with the lack of people is not confined to Moscow. In the northern capital, according to recruitment agencies, lack of managerial staff at different levels in the industry is more than 1 thousand people. And the situation by region clearly illustrates, for example, Omsk, where the shortage of construction personnel is 2 thousand people. Shortage of people building profession not only due to market growth and demographic reasons. Suffice it to recall a popular with used to go to university in the 90 years of specialization in Law, Finance and Credit "Management". Building professional capacity in the list of priority majors is not the first place.

Firms decide personnel issue in different ways. One of the most common and cheap – dumb "Working power "is imported from neighboring countries. But now the market dictates these requirements to the workers and engineers, as knowledge and ownership of new materials and technologies. Therefore, major construction companies and firms, engaged in building materials, a stronger emphasis on staff training and organize their educational centers for future plumbers, electricians, decorators, etc.

European Court

And so it has to be and I am the first to defend him. But almost in all areas, especially if there are interests at stake that deserve quick protection, allows the Administration to act provisionally at the expense of what, finally, say the courts. Look who monitors the traffic and who can even immobilize you car or prevent you from driving. Of course, then you recurriras, the courts that will have the last word. What has been proposed in the law Sinde is a more careful than the surveillance system of the traffic. It is monitored by the Administration and is requested to the courts before the fine that verify the violation by a court.

I think that it respects any examination of constitutionality. Canon digital Baptist has also defended the so-called digital canon (the rate levied a priori any appliance or bracket capable of reproducing or copying a file) and has gone beyond pointing again to the operators of telephony as a possible source of financing for creators: SGAE has reflected that, in the current situation, also should consider a remuneration payable by the telephone companies for such use () as we make box with communications and Costa of the authors. A solution of this kind in the future scheme may need for Internet, if it is not possible to channel its use to licensed (pay-per-view) platforms. What is clear, in the meantime, it would be a necessary compensation for creators. We will work on it.

Responsible for SGAE recognizes that the application of the levy (whose application in Spain a European Court has described abusive when applied to legal persons – firms, fundamentally-) need improvements: authors, artists, and industry suffer damage by the existence of private copies. The law establishes a system based on which such compensation, paid the that manufactured them, is obtained with an amount on each support distributed in the market. It thus establishes an indirect system and which facilitates an amount by very low device. Obviously we know that there are people who do not buy to record and others that everything what you buy used to record. But the system would be inapplicable if you abide to the specific situation of each person. Beyond establish exceptions for the administration or enterprises. You can still improve establishing protocols for those companies that prove a purchase for purposes clearly other than the copy, may request reimbursement. We are working on that. Of course, that makes the system more complicated and costly and will always have to strike a balance.

Valen Links

When Google launched AdSense, Web publishers have adopted a somewhat sceptical attitude. Although many liked the idea of offering ads related to the content of their websites, they wondered if the users, accustomed to banners and the skyscrapers, would click on something that seemed so different. It is that skeptics were wrong! AdSense has demonstrated that it is worth for advertisers for both users and Web publishers. The same skepticism was that he welcomed released by Google AdSense links blocks. With just a list of links (which carried the ads), such blocks contain even less information than a traditional block of ads and I had to click twice the user to make the Web Publisher could collect. So the links blocks were so tempting as a barbecue in Midwinter in Siberia. The Web editors took a little to realize that links blocks were not as bad as they seemed and that if they placed them cleverly, they could take advantage of the design and the Organization of certain Web spaces.

In fact, for certain designs, blocks of links allowed certain parts not up to traditional ad blocks to reach! And the best thing was that the Web publishers quickly discovered that once someone had clicked on a block of links almost always you clicked an ad on the results page. So they greatly improved their incomes and the questions concerning the need to click twice disappeared. The blocks of old links were effective but fairly limited. They were super had site where to put them on the Web page but if not, they were not very useful. However, Google has launched recently a new format of blocks of links: the horizontal format. This it has changed everything.

Since mix much better with pages, are useful to many more kinds of designs of Web sites and are much more flexible. On the other hand, now competing for space directly with traditional ads blocks, making difficult the task of editors Web that must decide what kind of blocks must be placed on the site. Then, they are good news for editors or rather bad news? They are very good news for the savvy Web publishers who have more tools to maximize your AdSense income (and know what to do with these tools) but is bad news for which not strive to learn to use AdSense as it is likely that are now lost a good chance of winning money. If you want more tips on AdSense, go to. Copyright 2005 Joel Comm. Reservados todos los derechos Joel Comm is Dr. AdSense, an Internet entrepreneur with over 20 years experience. Joel is the co-creator of, now known as Yahoo! Games (games on Yahoo), and author of the digital book on AdSense more being sold on the Internet, the secrets of AdSense (what Google has not explained you about how to earn more with AdSense).

Click Bank

Recently I was talking with several colleagues who are in the online business, particularly in the business of affiliate marketing. The largest network of digital affiliate products is undoubtedly, Click Bank, so it always comes out in this type of conversations. Click Bank, need to remove a link with your ID of affiliate and include it on your site. Although it is not much trouble if copies them to a link you are going to put in a content as it would be an opinion, evaluation or description, put it as an advertisement it isn’t exactly simple. The worst thing is that it must be done one by one. Although some give you banners and other tools, no longer a tired work and takes time to make changes and improve your chances of winning money. For this reason, I was very surprised a pattern in the vast majority of these buddies: none used two tools which includes Click Bank and that are created in the HopAd Builder, that will appear in the site welcome. The vast majority didn’t even know that existina.

They were previously more secretly, but now they are already at the full view. The first of these tools, the Text Ads Builder, you create a block of Adsense type ads, where you can include multiple products at the same time, either the most sought-after or through a series of key words (keywords) that you include products of a specific topic. This allows you to promote multiple products on your website or blog in a fast and simple way. The second is the Tabbed Ad Box Builder, that you create a block with 3 tabs that you can put them keywords. With this, each tab displays a series of lines with Click Bank products associated with the keyword. The funny thing is that nobody had seen none of these. Everybody saw sales and hence were passed to the Marketplace, ignoring a couple of excellent tools to promote products in a simpler way.

They have their drawbacks, of course. At first, the search for Click Bank motorcito is not the best thing in the world; It sometimes brings you products that have nothing to do with the search, but somewhere, that include the keyword. Second, no they recognize words in another language that is not English. This makes both tools are useless if you’re promoting things in Spanish, but it makes life easier if you have a site or blog in English. So try these two tools. They are very easy to implement and you only have to decide if it is worth using them instead of Adsense. Although Adsense is going to pay for each click, Click Bank gives you a far superior to this, Commission although you only pay per sale. Matter of taste. Follow the link to see a video of how to use the Text Ads Builder. Follow this other link to view a video of how to use the Tabber Ad Box Builder.

Effective Plan

To this day, marketing on the Internet is becoming one of the most viable and profitable, especially for small businesses marketing methodologies. Here you explain in three simple steps how you can create an effective e-marketing plan for your business on the Internet. The process of using digital technology in order to sell goods or services is called e-marketing. With the growth of technologies, Internet has become an imperative for companies using e-marketing strategies to complement their traditional methods of marketing to generate more sales from products and reach a broader market. E-marketing uses the same basic concepts to traditional marketing. The purpose is to develop strategies to deliver your message to your target market. The difference lies in the options available for marketing and advertising of your products, services or business. Of course, you can always use the traditional method, but it is more prudent to take advantage of the opportunities of marketing the Internet offers.

E-marketing produces very good results in terms of increased market share, high margins of profit and a continuing sponsorship of the client. It is also ideal for small and medium-sized enterprises where the e-marketing is affordable and more intense with less effort. However, in order to launch an effective campaign, first you will need to create a plan. The approach of an e-marketing Plan is to ensure a high response from potential customers. Below I show you a summary of the steps to create an effective plan. Step 1: Determines your target market rather than anything, you must identify your market accordingly, range and the same profile and assign resources to each target group. You must know your expectations, requirements, needs and desires, so that you have an idea of how to move with your sales speech.

This will also help you determine the costs and the expected benefits. Is also important to study the market environment as well as the strategies of your competitors in the marketing… Step 2: adjusting and objectives of your e-marketing plan. Immediately after you establish your goals for your e-marketing campaign. Is your goal to increase awareness of your product or business? Is your aim get more traffic for your website? Want to get a high rank in the search engines? Your goals may include the establishment and increase your presence on the network, which leads to the generation sales along with your commercial information dissemination. After you have determined your goals, you must set the e-marketing methods that you should use to achieve your goals. It is not recommended to use a single method, it is always wiser to use multiple methods of e-marketing. Step 3: Set a budget and determines your strategies should identify strategies and techniques that you use to launch your e-marketing campaign, and determine the tactics that you used for the implementation of your marketing methods. You must formulate strategies that have as their objective the capture of attention of your market, and differentiate them to establish your priorities. It is also very important to take care of the budget of your expenses, regardless of the goal you set and what are the methods that you want to use. Ensure that costs do not get out of your control. It uses cost benefit analysis to determine an acceptable budget. Profits should more than offset the costs of marketing.