Investment in construction in recent years are considered very beneficial, as this field of business is growing rapidly. Embedded in it means almost immediately recouped – to date the demand for square meters in Moscow, far exceeding the supply. According to the 2006 proposal was 5 million square meters. am against the "desired" 40 million square meters. m.

The increase in construction, however, does not automatically lead to a rush of new staff strength in this economy. As a result, the market is the situation of staff shortages. Shortage of personnel is growing situation with the lack of people is not confined to Moscow. In the northern capital, according to recruitment agencies, lack of managerial staff at different levels in the industry is more than 1 thousand people. And the situation by region clearly illustrates, for example, Omsk, where the shortage of construction personnel is 2 thousand people. Shortage of people building profession not only due to market growth and demographic reasons. Suffice it to recall a popular with used to go to university in the 90 years of specialization in Law, Finance and Credit "Management". Building professional capacity in the list of priority majors is not the first place.

Firms decide personnel issue in different ways. One of the most common and cheap – dumb "Working power "is imported from neighboring countries. But now the market dictates these requirements to the workers and engineers, as knowledge and ownership of new materials and technologies. Therefore, major construction companies and firms, engaged in building materials, a stronger emphasis on staff training and organize their educational centers for future plumbers, electricians, decorators, etc.