When Google launched AdSense, Web publishers have adopted a somewhat sceptical attitude. Although many liked the idea of offering ads related to the content of their websites, they wondered if the users, accustomed to banners and the skyscrapers, would click on something that seemed so different. It is that skeptics were wrong! AdSense has demonstrated that it is worth for advertisers for both users and Web publishers. The same skepticism was that he welcomed released by Google AdSense links blocks. With just a list of links (which carried the ads), such blocks contain even less information than a traditional block of ads and I had to click twice the user to make the Web Publisher could collect. So the links blocks were so tempting as a barbecue in Midwinter in Siberia. The Web editors took a little to realize that links blocks were not as bad as they seemed and that if they placed them cleverly, they could take advantage of the design and the Organization of certain Web spaces.

In fact, for certain designs, blocks of links allowed certain parts not up to traditional ad blocks to reach! And the best thing was that the Web publishers quickly discovered that once someone had clicked on a block of links almost always you clicked an ad on the results page. So they greatly improved their incomes and the questions concerning the need to click twice disappeared. The blocks of old links were effective but fairly limited. They were super had site where to put them on the Web page but if not, they were not very useful. However, Google has launched recently a new format of blocks of links: the horizontal format. This it has changed everything.

Since mix much better with pages, are useful to many more kinds of designs of Web sites and are much more flexible. On the other hand, now competing for space directly with traditional ads blocks, making difficult the task of editors Web that must decide what kind of blocks must be placed on the site. Then, they are good news for editors or rather bad news? They are very good news for the savvy Web publishers who have more tools to maximize your AdSense income (and know what to do with these tools) but is bad news for which not strive to learn to use AdSense as it is likely that are now lost a good chance of winning money. If you want more tips on AdSense, go to. Copyright 2005 Joel Comm. Reservados todos los derechos Joel Comm is Dr. AdSense, an Internet entrepreneur with over 20 years experience. Joel is the co-creator of ClassicGames.com, now known as Yahoo! Games (games on Yahoo), and author of the digital book on AdSense more being sold on the Internet, the secrets of AdSense (what Google has not explained you about how to earn more with AdSense).