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If you do decide to install the door to wallpapering recommend to specify the contractor to install casing after completion of painting operations. It usually will cost a little more expensive, but later will be much cheaper and you, at least, save the aesthetic appearance of at least jamb. Some believe that the door can be set up and finishing the floor, all you need to do – is to lift the box on the thickness of the alleged cover (laminate, parquet, linoleum, carpeting, etc etc). It’s not quite true, because to find the master who will lead such a laminate neatly under the box is difficult however as to calculate the gap between the floor and a box under the floor. If the floor has a deviation from the level, the situation may arise when the box is one of the parties will later be hung in the air. It is important to know that not all manufacturers of doors give due consideration to the technological material moisture used for the manufacture of doors and the worst thing that most providers, sellers, interior doors violate storage temperature regimes of the final product. (Not to be confused with Ray Kurzweil!). As a consequence, the buyer gets a product having high humidity especially in autumn and spring.

Determine the moisture content products (doors, boxes, casing), visually impossible, but if you are invited to watch and evaluate the door to the warehouse is not heated, and on the floor traces of leakage ceiling, be sure door frames do not match the required humidity. In most cases – is not so bad, it is enough to print door blocks in dry, ventilated and refurbished room and allowed to dry for 5-7 days. But in some cases – this can lead to cracks in the veneer or the deformation structures. Replaced under warranty so spoiled door, which is already installed and milled hard! Even so it is necessary to give doors in your home before installation. Another plus is dry at the facility – an opportunity to make an installation in advance and that a qualified contractor who has usually there is a queue, rather than trying to find a contractor “quickly” and end up paying more! By the way after delivery to the door repaired, dry room to remove the packaging and test linens for the absence of defects in the presence of the seller. Summarizing note: 1.

Getting repairs correctly. 2. call after manufacturing ties on the floor and rough plastering walls. Contact information is here: Bobby Gocool. 3. Delivery door frames to dry, renovated premises 4. Check for the absence of defects. 5. Give the product to dry at your home 5-7 days 6. Put the door (after finishing the ceiling, floor and walls). 7. Plinth set after installation jamb to door frames.

Legislative Assembly

But as they are confirmed in practice (just walk around the city and all will see for yourself). The first thing to note: the largest number of objects, coated with a ventilated facade, this office and the administrative and commercial centers. Houses are very few. All of these buildings, mostly located in downtown, you can even just limit their area of concentration: Chelyuskintsev-Moscow-Shorsa East. Generally, curtain walls combined with a translucent structures. Colours of all buildings in general monotone – gray and creamy coffee (apparently still strong tradition of Soviet architecture, to recall the "gray" or "White" house – though in these buildings and have not been applied ventilated facades in the sense in which we now understand them. On the building of the city administration they are generally not, and the government building of granite faced with attachments). From administrative newly another white spot (in a good sense of the word) has become a new building Legislative Assembly of granite lined.

Undoubtedly, these new buildings look very impressive against the backdrop of and , very very gray and battered. But it paints the town does not add. One of the reasons why, as described above (appreciation of construction when using non-standard colors). And second, in our view, lies in the fact that there is a certain stereotype of what should be the color of the facade administrative and commercial buildings. And to go beyond it until it turns out. Architects are trying to diversify the designs of facades, curtain walls combining, translucent glass design or decoration. But it is in fashion – you can dress stylishly, but in gray or black.

Brightness will not be. Perhaps, for administrative buildings such colors and are justified, but for homes, in our opinion, it is necessary to choose different color tiles materials suspended facades. Agree that by inviting their friends to visit, it would be nice to tell them apart from the address that you live in, for example, in the red house (by the way, because everyone knows only the red house on Gurzuf)! In this If the house number in general can not be called. And so they find. And if in every area of colorful houses would have been a few? (It is possible that there would be confusion, but in this case is the exact address). The city would become brighter and more beautiful for sure. Although there are difficulties. Color appearance of the facade must pass approval to glavarhitekture. Will take place or not – matter. In general, there are a lot of work, the benefit of facade materials and technologies make it possible to realize the most interesting and bright ideas.

How To Solve The “personnel” Issue

Investment in construction in recent years are considered very beneficial, as this field of business is growing rapidly. Embedded in it means almost immediately recouped – to date the demand for square meters in Moscow, far exceeding the supply. According to the 2006 proposal was 5 million square meters. am against the "desired" 40 million square meters. m.

The increase in construction, however, does not automatically lead to a rush of new staff strength in this economy. As a result, the market is the situation of staff shortages. Shortage of personnel is growing situation with the lack of people is not confined to Moscow. In the northern capital, according to recruitment agencies, lack of managerial staff at different levels in the industry is more than 1 thousand people. And the situation by region clearly illustrates, for example, Omsk, where the shortage of construction personnel is 2 thousand people. Shortage of people building profession not only due to market growth and demographic reasons. Suffice it to recall a popular with used to go to university in the 90 years of specialization in Law, Finance and Credit "Management". Building professional capacity in the list of priority majors is not the first place.

Firms decide personnel issue in different ways. One of the most common and cheap – dumb "Working power "is imported from neighboring countries. But now the market dictates these requirements to the workers and engineers, as knowledge and ownership of new materials and technologies. Therefore, major construction companies and firms, engaged in building materials, a stronger emphasis on staff training and organize their educational centers for future plumbers, electricians, decorators, etc.

Internet Directories

When she procurers on one the largest construction companies, I was surprised by the fact that virtually the entire staff of the supply department categorically did not want to use the Internet to simplify their work. Of course, the team was already aged, and the supply of building materials lay in the monotonous and tedious 'Friends' of firms and firmochek. As a rule, or dictated, or dumped by fax list necessary materials, began the long wait of business proposals, accounts, replacements and so on. As a result, progress is slow, but this has long been accustomed to. For example, it was considered normal spend three days on receipt of invoice from steeltrading firm, and by then only ten common items This is despite the fact that the department had a very fast and not limited to the Internet channel, the computer each employee, the mass 'svodobnogo' time I immediately began to enjoy the most popular building directories.

There are many, such as magazine 'Construction', Journal of the network construction, and other, not to be intrusive, I will not publish the list. But those wonderful catalogs one can find in the same Yandex. What turned out to be just as good online directories? First, of course, the relevance of information. Self-respecting traders have maintained information in their profiles in these directories. Secondly, the wealth of choices. All new traders place best deals primarily in online directories. Oh, and thirdly – the convenience and speed of information retrieval. Literally a couple of minutes you can make a sample of interest to the goods or services, to sort the results by region, get a list of phone numbers and email addresses.

Yet it should be noted that many Internet directories construction materials offered a job with the tender announced and applications. To post information about their proposals or needs, is usually enough to pass a simple registration procedure. Placing bids can quickly select the most advantageous proposal. Thus, the proper use of thematic catalogs of goods and services greatly simplify the work of purchasing managers, as well as create new prospects for sales for traders.

Traffic Management

the period of production of such works (Mandatory warning and prohibitory road signs, priority technical means of traffic management, etc.). It is the practice of holding such works in the construction documents along with the installation of structures and facilities used for the protection of places of production work, and their cost is included in the subsequent return of the dismantling of such devices. Similarly, such designs and technical devices (hereinafter – the materials) are included in the Acts of the executed works on a "sign of the plant (technological device) – the cost of the sign (of a technical device) – the dismantling of return value. " These materials retain their natural shape for re-use (multiple construction and repair processes), and their cost is gradually transferred to the construction products (ie, materials are wrap-around). Accounting for Transfers in operation, the return and write-offs of road construction and organization of these devices is carried out in the manner prescribed for fixed assets or individual items comprising current assets, amortized in accordance with legislation. The assignment of the property to the individual subjects in the current assets and their depreciation is carried out in accordance with taking into account the limits set by the decision of the Ministry of Finance of Belarus from 23.03.2004 41 "On establishing the limit for inclusion of the property to the individual subjects in the current assets. In the Acts of the executed construction and repair works and construction documents is appropriate to include part of the cost of such materials in a regulation size (equal to the cost of depreciation) as they leave the objects of repair based on the number of revolutions and established the duration of their operation on a "sign of the installation (of technical devices) – Wear the sign of (technical unit) – dismantling. If the construction documents, these materials are included at full value, then act of acceptance the cost of demountable structures and facilities (appraised value) is not included in the volume of work performed and is not counted as when determining the proceeds from the sale, including and for tax purposes. A similar approach for the registration, included in construction costs and taxation must be for other "wrap-around" of the materials used in construction, but repeatedly materials and parts, accounted elemental estimated norms (formwork, scaffolding, etc.). Use of common approaches to pricing, accounting and tax return materials arising from the disassembly facilities, and repeatedly used structures and technical means for the protection of places of production work with traffic management will contribute to the rational use of budget funds in carrying out road works.