Recently I was talking with several colleagues who are in the online business, particularly in the business of affiliate marketing. The largest network of digital affiliate products is undoubtedly, Click Bank, so it always comes out in this type of conversations. Click Bank, need to remove a link with your ID of affiliate and include it on your site. Although it is not much trouble if copies them to a link you are going to put in a content as it would be an opinion, evaluation or description, put it as an advertisement it isn’t exactly simple. The worst thing is that it must be done one by one. Although some give you banners and other tools, no longer a tired work and takes time to make changes and improve your chances of winning money. For this reason, I was very surprised a pattern in the vast majority of these buddies: none used two tools which includes Click Bank and that are created in the HopAd Builder, that will appear in the site welcome. The vast majority didn’t even know that existina.

They were previously more secretly, but now they are already at the full view. The first of these tools, the Text Ads Builder, you create a block of Adsense type ads, where you can include multiple products at the same time, either the most sought-after or through a series of key words (keywords) that you include products of a specific topic. This allows you to promote multiple products on your website or blog in a fast and simple way. The second is the Tabbed Ad Box Builder, that you create a block with 3 tabs that you can put them keywords. With this, each tab displays a series of lines with Click Bank products associated with the keyword. The funny thing is that nobody had seen none of these. Everybody saw sales and hence were passed to the Marketplace, ignoring a couple of excellent tools to promote products in a simpler way.

They have their drawbacks, of course. At first, the search for Click Bank motorcito is not the best thing in the world; It sometimes brings you products that have nothing to do with the search, but somewhere, that include the keyword. Second, no they recognize words in another language that is not English. This makes both tools are useless if you’re promoting things in Spanish, but it makes life easier if you have a site or blog in English. So try these two tools. They are very easy to implement and you only have to decide if it is worth using them instead of Adsense. Although Adsense is going to pay for each click, Click Bank gives you a far superior to this, Commission although you only pay per sale. Matter of taste. Follow the link to see a video of how to use the Text Ads Builder. Follow this other link to view a video of how to use the Tabber Ad Box Builder.