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Samsung S8000

Description and review of Samsung S8000 Jetv online store Reactive performance Samsung GT-S8000 Jet must be the fastest. After all, Jet is translated as jet. And he really is. The first phone on the market with a 800 MHz processor and a whole gigabyte RAM – it sets up records in applications and the rate of reaction interface. The smoothness of operation is amazing. With this power you forget what a jerk and braking. Innovative interface in the form of a cube can switch between desktops, customize their appearance and controls of your choice. The cubic structure improves comfort, clarity and speed with the new corporate interface TouchWiz 2.0.

At your disposal is a lot of ergonomic widget set which can be extended to the official website of the manufacturer. One of the greatest strengths – ease of setup, you just a couple clicks to enter the corresponding menu. Perfect Touch AMOLED screen Easy to push and Samsung Jet S 8000 executes your order instantly. Combine the benefits of managing your fingers and a stylus through the touch screen-based sensor R-Resistive, which capacitive and resistive combining approach. And how well the image looks on wide 3.1 inch matrix with a resolution of 480×800 pixels constructed from the AMOLED technology.

Bright, contrast, bright image, which the same cool look as the photos and videos and movies. And that is typical – the picture in the sun almost does not fade, no need to frantically search for a comfortable viewing angle. Enjoy practical style the exquisite beauty that does not require daily care.

Useful Widgets for Blogs

Blogger platform can be fully extended to the functional Stand-alone blog, one has only to look good. I suggest you heed review Amanda pheasants. Honestly have not tested everything, but definitely try. Original article called "15 useful widgets and scripts, "why is not clear, as described in only 14 … Who has time to assess – waiting for comments to discuss. Widget 1) Recent Posts – the latest publications.

This widget will display a list of your latest posts with links to relevant pages. Element is very easy to install – you just enter your blog URL and change the settings to suit your preferences. 2) Recent Comments – last comment. Show most recent comments. You can choose the settings as comments to show. Not a bad incentive to write on your blog comment. 3) Popular Posts / Most Commented – Top posts / most commented. Displays a list of the most popular posts, in accordance with response to these readers – the largest number of views / comments.

4) Random Posts – random positions. Displays on the side-bar casual positions. 5) Picasa Web Albums – album Picasa. He points to the side bar of your web albums Picasa. 6) Simple Search Widget – search on the blog. Unlike Search Google – this is looking at your posts. Fits in one click. 7) Random Messages – a random message. Randomly displays one of the 10 posts on the blog. Can be used for example to display the random feedback on client business blog. SCRIPTS (requires editing the template) 8) Table of Contents – the contents. This is a very useful script. Displays a table of contents for your blog. 9) Tab View Widget This item allows you to save space in your sidebar by adding these important elements in one place, now a popular item WordPress-blogs. 10) Tag Cloud (Based on Blogger Labels) – tag cloud 11) Random Rotating Banner / Header Image – script rotates banners. Have you ever wanted to add a random banner headline of my blog? If so, this script will no doubt useful for you! 12) Related Posts – Related posts. A very useful thing – directs readers to your loved ones on the subject of posts. 13) Display your Post Dates as a Calendar Page Indicates the date the list as a calendar. 14) Archive Calendar – Archive as a calendar. Posimpatichnee and more interesting base. Download widgets and scripts from the site 'How to make money on the Internet. "

WordPress Themes

Blogging has become a central pillar in the online world. Internet technologies come and go with increasing frequency but blogging has staked a claim and is here to stay. A variety of platforms allow people to start a blog in minutes and without a penny changing hands. In addition, countless other service providers have developed widgets that can enhance a blog with additional functionality and style. This article will look at a few of the basics so you can get off to a running start. There are two decisions you need to make right at the beginning. The first is which platform you'll be using to build your blog and the second is whether you'll host it on the provider's servers or your own. Let's look at both decisions in a bit more detail.

The two primary platforms out there are Blogger and WP. Blogger is owned by Google and is probably the easiest platform to get started on. It's really designed for the novice. Functionality features are easy to use and the interface is simple and intuitive. WordPress is an open source platform. That means it's developed by individual programmers all over the world and is available for anyone to use, free of charge.

Open source software is a fascinating phenomenon. People with all kinds of different business objectives end up developing extensions to facilitate their needs and those extensions then become available to the entire community. As a result, you can search for just about any extension you can imagine and build your own custom blog with precisely the features you want. WordPress is designed for a more sophisticated user but the advantages for the final product are substantial. The next decision revolves around where you host your new blog. You can host it on the Blogger platform or the WordPress platform. In both cases, you would end up with a URL something like rather than your own custom URL. The upside is that it's easier and your blog will then be part of a HUGE website. That may improve your search engine ranking. The downside is that the ultimate control is out of your hands and your branding isn't complete. In other words, you will never have your own free-standing web address. Once you have created your new blog, you're well advised to register it with all the free blog directories. Not surprisingly, there are dozens of them and they can help you drive traffic. You can also cross reference other people's comments, leaving them with a free banklink. That will help you get established in the community and encourage others to reference your comments on their blog. Depending on the blog, you could easily get the majority of your traffic from such a link. A number of companies have developed platforms that add functionality or aggregate information and their widgets can easily be added to a blog, simply by adding a small piece of java script to your platform. This has become so common that Blogger, WordPress and others have designed specific modules to easily accept such scripts. Done properly, these widgets can make a simple blog look impressive and professional. Tactical Execution is devoted to helping people and companies position themselves for tomorrow's opportunities. Learning the mechanics of blogging can contribute directly to your ability to capitalize on those opportunities. Visit the website to learn countless other strategies as well. Become a recognized expert. Optimize your website. Explode your business. Tactical Execution provides implementation strategies for immediate results. Claim your free website traffic hotsheet today and WordPress Themes!

Running Android

The first smartphone on the market with the operating system Android 2.3 Gingerbread Google Nexus S, second smartphone from the search giant, is based on the latest version of the operating system, Android 2.3 Gingerbread. This is the first device with 2.3 version of 'Robot' on board, so hurry try it in action. In the new version, developers have upgraded the keyboard, making working with it even more comfortable, improved selection tools and copy text, improved power management and added the integration of VoIP / SIP calls to your address book. It is also the first time the platform is implemented module NFC (Near Field Communication). What catches the eye, so it is even more smooth and fast as the interface and installed programs. 5 desktops with a large set of widgets customize your workspace just as you want for you. At your disposal is five desktop appearance and functionality that you can completely change, from location label contacts, applications, and service functions and ending with the withdrawal and setting a host of popular and visual widgets that are a few dozen.

Easy setup and intuitive use flavored spectacular animation effects that are not inferior in beauty solutions desktops. From any desktop pop-up status panel is available with quick enable / disable any wireless interfaces. The most 'natural' from the existing Super Clear LCD display Google NexusS, as the new Samsung Galaxy comes with a new type of display Super Clear LCD. Strange as it seems, for some parameters, such as picture clarity, it surpasses even the Super AMOLED screens! The picture was even brighter, more colorful, as well behaved in the sun. In this case the display is larger than the first phone from Google. Now this is an impressive 4-inch screen with resolution of 480×800 pixels, which is covered with mineral glass and is equipped with sensors and light position. When working with the screen simply overwhelmed emotions – everything is so beautiful and clear, and above all 'natural' colors and halftones look exactly as they should be in life.

Classic and innovative wireless technology with Google Nexus continues the tradition of the company's innovation. This is the first model on the market Android smartphone with NFC chip on board. Near Field Communication – technology wireless high short-range communication. This technology has a great future, the simplest example – device is a substitute for the contactless card use in transport or charge card for mobile payments. Of course, not forgotten and the gentleman's set of modern top-end device. Bluetooth module here is version 2.1 with EDR, Wi-Fi operates at high speed via 'n' (High Speed). GPS navigation map uses pre-Google Maps and armed with a digital compass for those places where not caught by satellites. Powerful 1 GHz processor, 3D accelerator and a great camera not even worth thinking that if you use Google Nexxus S may be some kind of braking or fragmentary response. The central processor ARM Cortex-A8 has a top speed of 1 GHz and 512 MB of RAM can forget about the number of simultaneously running applications. File storage used 16 GB of memory stack. 5 megapixel autofocus camera with LED flash can write video in HD quality (720p), the unit itself can play almost any unconverted video codecs DivX and XviD hardware accelerated built-in graphics accelerator PowerVR SGX540, which provides treatment to 90 million triangles per second (more than 3 times more than the Apple iPhone 3GS or HTC Desire). Online shop mobile phones

WordPress Panel

So, first we need to set up a local Webserver, in this case, Denver. Denver assembly and installation instructions to take here. To work correctly, and WordPress plug-ins must install Zend Optimizer, and additional extensions – mbstring, curl. Create a Z: WebServershomelocalhostwww folder wp_2.7.1. Copy the assembly there WordPress, build number and language of your choice, I took a v. 2.7.1 – English version.

Of course you could take an old version of the proven, because we just got used to 2.6 and now on a new approach but I want something – anything new. Well, you know, fix vulnerabilities, etc. And so drastically changed the admin! Here is an overview of this version: stextbox id = 'custom' caption = 'Review' The new administration panel, and now navigation bar located on the left hand, and the upper part will be used by the authors of plug-ins to display the navigation plug-ins and their parameters. Each block in the ACP will be able to edit, now you'll be able to adjust content widgets. Now, in the administration panel, a new window called the rapid publication, but for writing a post in this box, you can not assign a category to record. Therefore, faster of this function is suitable for creating drafts in your blog. Also, a window will appear Inbox, possibly in a new version of WordPress, communicate with the author of the blog will not only via E-Mail or ICQ, but through self WordPress. The upper part of the panel Administration made a similar panel on blogs, there was My Account link that leads to your profile.

Flash Banners

Be sure to hide all the links on the site in script or flash banners. Hide your links and also in Pictures (remember the big picture) and do not try to sign them this stupid tag alt. Bad advice 6. Remove navigation links to the main page. From the main page should be only one reference to the second page. With the second page to third.

From the third to the fourth page. And so it goes on all the pages that you have. This is especially useful when more than 100 pages. In this case, your website will be exactly indexed to infinity long that You actually need. After working with the site, you can now proceed to an “external” factors that you, I know, very unpleasant.

That also applies to external factors? In the most immediate is the number of inbound links to your site, and well as their quality. It is with these bitter enemies and have to fight. Well continue on. Bad advice 7. The number of inbound links to your site is very easy to destroy a simple way. Simply nowhere and never register your site. How would you not ask about it. Once you sign up, so immediately or almost immediately appear external link, and suddenly somebody on it would pass, but it you want? Bad advice 8. Quality inbound links so is your worst enemy. Like grease in the wheel or door, which makes it impossible to enjoy a pleasant squeak. If all the external links still appear, then let them be the worst. For example, “redirektnye” references are those that do not lead directly to your site, or by whom. The text in the links ‘anchor’, it is not to be associated with the theme of your site and especially not contain “keywords”. You remember how terrible for you keywords? Harmful council number 9. If suddenly there are these vile links to your site, then let them be from sites quite similar to your topic. Better yet, the directories where all the link at all, or just saying “linkopomoyki.” Oh, this is for you even very well when the link goes to hell knows where. Bad advice number 10. Finally, one last advice for today. If you do not want your site and prosperity do not like it by all means, create it for free hosting preferably from the site, which is the same as you do not like your site and you will be happy. Here, perhaps, a dozen major “bad advice” for not a fan of their site. If suddenly happen to you well, at least just because of the interest want, how you move your life to “prominent” place, in this case simply do everything differently. And the fact that it was written here, remember, and always do exactly the opposite. And you will be happy, though not such as negative sense … Avelino Bahtuzin. Widgets. Download widget.

Animation Java

In later models (D900, etc) built two themes – black and white. For each of them in the file system has its own configuration (1 and 2): 1) in the folder / Images / keyvolume – animation change the volume, and 2) in the folder / image / jimage / (set01/set02) – Animation Java; 3) in the folder / images / mms / set (1 / 2) – animation send mms, and 4) in folder / images / message (black) – animation of sending sms, 5) folder / images / org / set (1 / 2) – von calendar and menu, calculator and 6) in the folder / images / picsel – layout of the keys to black / white issue; 7) in the folder / images / shortcut / – background and icon shortcuts; 8) in the folder / images / streaming / – Animation Connection / download streaming audio / video, 9) in the folder / images / voice / – background player and recorder, 10) in the folder / images / wap / set (1 / 2) – the background and animation compounds wap-browser; 11) folder / images / widget / – background of the main menu and soft-band; 12) in the folder / multimedia / default – frame and icon for photos. This all can be replaced without flashing, in the mode of a file manager, certainly for those phones that support it, ie, for which written a patch to have access to all telephone directories.

Access Network

Today, they are present in almost every little bit equipped with a phone. In the Samsung Wave also has application to access Twitter and Facebook, but the most interesting – a service of Social Hub and a widget for it Feeds & Update. The widget displays the desktop window with tape updates of three services: Facebook, Twitter, and MySpace. Such a scheme used in the Android-smartphone HTC. True, we must consider that for constant updates feature requires access to the network traffic and consume battery power.

If traffic flow is minimal, then the battery at a constant Access to the network will be discharged to 30-40% faster. Describe other widgets do not make sense, we mention only that the most liked. Buddies Now – shows a list of favorite contacts on the desktop. Most Visited – displays a list of the last Web sites that are browsing. Fast is an accelerometer that changes the screen orientation, and very easy to use motion sensor that allows to deploy the screen horizontally for easy viewing Web pages and scrolling through photos in the gallery. The latter can scroll without touching the screen, and simply tilting the device.

Bringing up the rear of raisins control with gestures. Apparently, the function is being active development. While that may mute the ringer or alarm, simply turning the phone. A similar trick was used in the Nokia 8800 Arte. In addition, you can open a particular application, tapping on the hull. Equipped with Samsung Wave works in the networks of the second (GSM 850/900/1800/1900) and third generation (UMTS 900/2100).