Description and review of Samsung S8000 Jetv online store Reactive performance Samsung GT-S8000 Jet must be the fastest. After all, Jet is translated as jet. And he really is. The first phone on the market with a 800 MHz processor and a whole gigabyte RAM – it sets up records in applications and the rate of reaction interface. The smoothness of operation is amazing. With this power you forget what a jerk and braking. Innovative interface in the form of a cube can switch between desktops, customize their appearance and controls of your choice. The cubic structure improves comfort, clarity and speed with the new corporate interface TouchWiz 2.0.

At your disposal is a lot of ergonomic widget set which can be extended to the official website of the manufacturer. One of the greatest strengths – ease of setup, you just a couple clicks to enter the corresponding menu. Perfect Touch AMOLED screen Easy to push and Samsung Jet S 8000 executes your order instantly. Combine the benefits of managing your fingers and a stylus through the touch screen-based sensor R-Resistive, which capacitive and resistive combining approach. And how well the image looks on wide 3.1 inch matrix with a resolution of 480×800 pixels constructed from the AMOLED technology.

Bright, contrast, bright image, which the same cool look as the photos and videos and movies. And that is typical – the picture in the sun almost does not fade, no need to frantically search for a comfortable viewing angle. Enjoy practical style the exquisite beauty that does not require daily care.