Be sure to hide all the links on the site in script or flash banners. Hide your links and also in Pictures (remember the big picture) and do not try to sign them this stupid tag alt. Bad advice 6. Remove navigation links to the main page. From the main page should be only one reference to the second page. With the second page to third.

From the third to the fourth page. And so it goes on all the pages that you have. This is especially useful when more than 100 pages. In this case, your website will be exactly indexed to infinity long that You actually need. After working with the site, you can now proceed to an “external” factors that you, I know, very unpleasant.

That also applies to external factors? In the most immediate is the number of inbound links to your site, and well as their quality. It is with these bitter enemies and have to fight. Well continue on. Bad advice 7. The number of inbound links to your site is very easy to destroy a simple way. Simply nowhere and never register your site. How would you not ask about it. Once you sign up, so immediately or almost immediately appear external link, and suddenly somebody on it would pass, but it you want? Bad advice 8. Quality inbound links so is your worst enemy. Like grease in the wheel or door, which makes it impossible to enjoy a pleasant squeak. If all the external links still appear, then let them be the worst. For example, “redirektnye” references are those that do not lead directly to your site, or by whom. The text in the links ‘anchor’, it is not to be associated with the theme of your site and especially not contain “keywords”. You remember how terrible for you keywords? Harmful council number 9. If suddenly there are these vile links to your site, then let them be from sites quite similar to your topic. Better yet, the directories where all the link at all, or just saying “linkopomoyki.” Oh, this is for you even very well when the link goes to hell knows where. Bad advice number 10. Finally, one last advice for today. If you do not want your site and prosperity do not like it by all means, create it for free hosting preferably from the site, which is the same as you do not like your site and you will be happy. Here, perhaps, a dozen major “bad advice” for not a fan of their site. If suddenly happen to you well, at least just because of the interest want, how you move your life to “prominent” place, in this case simply do everything differently. And the fact that it was written here, remember, and always do exactly the opposite. And you will be happy, though not such as negative sense … Avelino Bahtuzin. Widgets. Download widget.