Blogger platform can be fully extended to the functional Stand-alone blog, one has only to look good. I suggest you heed review Amanda pheasants. Honestly have not tested everything, but definitely try. Original article called "15 useful widgets and scripts, "why is not clear, as described in only 14 … Who has time to assess – waiting for comments to discuss. Widget 1) Recent Posts – the latest publications.

This widget will display a list of your latest posts with links to relevant pages. Element is very easy to install – you just enter your blog URL and change the settings to suit your preferences. 2) Recent Comments – last comment. Show most recent comments. You can choose the settings as comments to show. Not a bad incentive to write on your blog comment. 3) Popular Posts / Most Commented – Top posts / most commented. Displays a list of the most popular posts, in accordance with response to these readers – the largest number of views / comments.

4) Random Posts – random positions. Displays on the side-bar casual positions. 5) Picasa Web Albums – album Picasa. He points to the side bar of your web albums Picasa. 6) Simple Search Widget – search on the blog. Unlike Search Google – this is looking at your posts. Fits in one click. 7) Random Messages – a random message. Randomly displays one of the 10 posts on the blog. Can be used for example to display the random feedback on client business blog. SCRIPTS (requires editing the template) 8) Table of Contents – the contents. This is a very useful script. Displays a table of contents for your blog. 9) Tab View Widget This item allows you to save space in your sidebar by adding these important elements in one place, now a popular item WordPress-blogs. 10) Tag Cloud (Based on Blogger Labels) – tag cloud 11) Random Rotating Banner / Header Image – script rotates banners. Have you ever wanted to add a random banner headline of my blog? If so, this script will no doubt useful for you! 12) Related Posts – Related posts. A very useful thing – directs readers to your loved ones on the subject of posts. 13) Display your Post Dates as a Calendar Page Indicates the date the list as a calendar. 14) Archive Calendar – Archive as a calendar. Posimpatichnee and more interesting base. Download widgets and scripts from the site 'How to make money on the Internet. "