Only the arrogant policy of not understand the depth and danger of this crisis. All our past, a continuous history of violence and exploitation rights to each other. Income inequality, oppression of the weak and poor – the foundation of world civilization. and Suddenly, for the first time in history, has cracked the very foundation of the world order – the money, and throughout the world. The only "real" god of this world – money, dying, melting eyes.

Absolute "death" will not be money, of course, remain, Here are their role and weight in the world, I think, will undergo major changes. On the background of the global devaluation of money, intensify human values: love, kindness, honesty, responsibility, but an even greater extent, will grow and mutual claims, accusations and insults. Popular revolts – not a joke and not a computer game. For example: the growing anti-globalization performances become bitter and become more massive and bloody character. Very often, in the history of society, virtual protests ended in bloody revolutions. These changes have always paid great loss of human life, but a brief period of social welfare, were replaced by a new round of social confrontation between people, hard labor exploitation and loss of individual freedom of man. Unfortunately, only naive fools believe that the rebellion, or revolution, capable of managing all questions, and finally come happy moment of deliverance from their oppressors. Will not come. This, gentlemen, just empty dreams and fantasies. It's not so much in themselves "oppressors", and not even the fact that people will allow themselves to enslave, changing freedom for a small fraction of the welfare and safety.