It is the birth of Jesus, who in a simple manger came stops saving in them. A so special and sublime love that nobody can understand. Today the families interpret the Christmas as a simple exchange of gifts. This is good, but, it is not the main reason of the birth of Jesus.

Jesus came to show to the world and the people how much the love is important. in these days of today, the word love has been so distant of the hearts of the people. The life already does not have as much value. The formation of values is contested at every moment. The love left of being the main essence of the families.

The children already are not more the targets of dedicated parents. The parents in turn complain that the children are other people’s to the teachings and the formation of values. The papers if had inverted in so disastrous way that the families do not have time of if congregating around a table, for simpler than either, and to thank to the love and the union. The word of God says: that we must love the next one as to we ourselves. But as to make of this a constant in our lives if nor the least we say our proper familiar simple I love I you; you are important for me, you do not know to live without its aid, etc. To love are to want well, are to respect, are to divide the problems, are to search in the other a shoulder friend when we need; he is to fortify the unit through the love. Pure love, without hatred, rancor, badness. Love that surpasses all independent one of the time and the place. Love in the essence of the word means zeal, care, affection. A so small word, but, of so great ratio. About this Christmas, let us think about Jesus, who had in the family the essential valuation of the love of God. Let us search the love fraternal. The love that is of brother stops with another brother, of husband for woman, father par son, son for father, friend for friend. Any that either the love, that either true. As Russian Renato in one of its songs says: