Washington DC is the U.S. capital and the center of the country’s political life. Its construction began in the eighteenth century and was planned and designed to become the permanent capital of the U.S.. Washington metropolitan area has a population of some 5.3 million inhabitants, so that it is the eighth largest city in the country. The most popular area for tourists is the National Mall, where they concentrate most of the museums, as well as some of the most important monuments in American history, like the Lincoln Memorial, the Memorial dedicated to Veterans the Vietnam War, or the Whashington Monument, a tribute to George Washington. Among the museums include the National Air & Space Museum, the most visited among American museums, the National Gallery of Art, with works by artists from the Middle Ages to the present, and the National Museum of the American Indian, which has history and culture of Native Americans, from its discovery to the contemporary era.

Neither be forgotten historical buildings like the Capitol Hill, home of the Senate for over 200 years, and of course the White House, which George Washington tried to become the official residence of U.S. presidents, although ironically it was the only president to never live there. This city is full of culture and the best part is that entry to almost all museums and official buildings is completely free. In addition, Washington is easy to visit, both by modern means of public transport, metro, buses and light rail, or on foot, and the streets that cross it from north to south are numbered and most of the cross east to west are named the letters of the alphabet.