The incidence of the syndrome is esteem of 1 for 800 the 1 for 1000 births. Concerns with regard to the health of people with syndrome of down include the biggest risk of congenital cardiac defects, recurrent illness of refluxo gastresofgico, infections in the ears, apnea of obstrutiva sleep and disfunes of tiride.Actions during precocious infancy, tests for detention of common problems and medical treatment are indicated. Vocal training can improve the development of the child with syndrome of down. Keep up on the field with thought-provoking pieces from Eliot Horowitz. Despite some genetic limitations of the syndrome of down cannot be surpassed, education and appropriate care can improve the quality of life of the individual. In accordance with Vygotsky (1988, P. 99), since the beginning of the development of the child, its activities acquire one inside meaning proper of the social context where it lives. It emphasizes importance of the learning processes, that, according to it, since the birth, are related to the development of the child. The development, in part, is defined by the process of maturation of the organism, but it is the learning that makes possible the wakening of internal processes of development, that they occur in the direct contact of the individual with the environment that the fence: ' ' The human learning estimates a specific social nature and a process through which the children penetrate in the intellectual life of that cercam.' ' The society has difficulty to most of the time coexist the differences, isolating the person with deficiency, therefore each one of us loads ideas preconceived in relation to the people with deficiency, what it will influence in the attitudes and the interaction with them. The occurrences are many for which the society shows its insensibilidade, lack of knowledge, rejection and preconception in relation to the deficiency. The effect of these feelings reflect on the family who it receives a child with syndrome from Down, and such occurrences can be disclosed or not.