It fell to the Americans Adrian Ramos and Paulo Cesar Arango misfortune of failing in their fees and the Colombian football crowned a new champion: Chico, the eleventh named neighborhood that was great thanks to his efforts, good management and excellent results. The new champion is sui generis in Colombia where you look at it: it is one of the youngest teams in the tournament (involved since 2004) has uniform checkerboard (of pictures, something unusual in a championship T-shirts imposing smooth or rays), was born in a city and moved to another president is a former football player who was also his coach and is a truly organized club, virtually alone as now constituted as a corporation. What led this team to become champions in such a short time of its passage by the professionalism? What led to the summit, where only reach the top? Let's look at some of the reasons for its success: 1. For a good disposition of its veterans. Players cone Hebert "Chaca" Palacios, Victor Danilo Pacheco and Edigson "Prono" Velasquez marked difference and were felt and their input was crucial throughout the tournament and in the final. Palace security was at the bottom, "Pachequito" was the ideal partner for Argentina's Miguel Caneo and Velasquez was ensuring that the framework was well guarded.

2. For his attitude between the new champion and a small team is unlike more than a tilde. Chico took to greatness each of its commitments and had the courage to stand two strokes mood: the cancellation of the goal in Cali (decision clearly wrong) and the draw of America when all that remained six minutes to end the game in Tunja.